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Follow our easy instruction and install the official version of WhatsApp on your WHY DOES WHATSAPP NOT SEND PHOTOS, VIDEOS AND MESSAGES?


Media content makes up the “lion’s share” of the total volume of all messages in Social Messenger. And Vatsap is no exception. Since videos and photos are impressive in size, users often have trouble downloading and saving them. But don’t despair if something goes wrong. In this article, we have introduced the most common reasons why WhatsApp won’t send photos and how to fix them.

Device memory

Regardless of the size of the device’s memory, it can become filled with unnecessary data over time, including from WhatsApp. This results in the device refusing to send or download the received media data, e.g. B. does not send a video to WhatsApp. The memory must be cleared regularly by deleting unnecessary content. Special background programs are usually installed for this purpose, which destroy temporary files.

The rest of the files have to be deleted manually:

Turn on a device.
Go to the section “The settings”.
Find section “Memory” and go to the list of actions.
Choose Delete.

Recommendation! If the device gallery is full of photos and videos, you’ll need to manually revise the content. Delete unnecessary data and move important data to cloud storage (e.g. Google Drive).

Data warehouse

Removable media such as an SD card increase the storage space for storing additional data. However, incorrect settings or media malfunctions result in WhatsApp not sending photos or other media content issues.

Memory card

The diagnosis of the card is done by checking the connection of the device through the smartphone menu: the settings – – memory – – SD card. If you can see the card but the data is unreadable, you must turn it off, remove it, and try reinstalling or replacing it with a new one. In the latter case, the files can be lost.

Connection speed

Both mobile devices and ISPs are important to connection speed. If it is low, the media data will load poorly or the transmission will be intermittent. You cannot improve the speed of the Internet yourself, you need the support of a provider or mobile operator. If the traffic quality is poor, it is better to postpone processing photos and videos until the high-speed connection is restored.

Virus attack

A virus infected gadget can refuse to play pictures and videos. The data is not sent in full and may disappear completely from the device memory. Antivirus software helps you identify and eliminate malware. You can find free and effective options in the AppStore and in Google Market. Only after a thorough scan of the device is it recommended to continue working with media content.

We hope that an overview of the reasons why Messenger does not send messages will help you eliminate all errors on the device and improve the way you send and receive media data.


WhatsApp is a handy application that allows you to exchange instant messages and send multimedia files to subscribers. However, there are situations where the video won’t be sent to WhatsApp and every next attempt will fail. What to do – our portal will tell you!

Recorded by yourself or downloaded from the internet are great tools to cheer up your friends. Even if the subscriber is on the other side of the world, in a few seconds you can send him all sorts of “usefulnesses” through this program. The main thing is that Vatsap is installed on a smartphone or tablet and that there is enough space for it to be fully functional.

There are five steps to uploading a video:

Run the program.
Open a chat with the subscriber you want.
Find a paperclip icon at the top of the screen and click on it.
In the smartphone gallery (it will open automatically) you have to select the appropriate file.
Submit your video.

If the transfer doesn’t start automatically, nothing happens on the screen at all, we are looking for a problem why WhatsApp is not sending video.

Reasons for blocking file transfers

The application can only send videos that are no more than 16MB in size. In modern devices, the duration of such a video is 1.5-3 minutes. It all depends on the format and quality. The program offers to trim the video before sending it, confirm your consent and complete the process successfully. In this case, the recipient only sees the saved track, its first few minutes.

When a user asks why I can’t send video over WhatsApp, there are several answers:

Check your internet connection – an unstable network with frequent interruptions and interruptions or a speed limit is preventing sending. This problem should be observed at work all applications.
Insufficient memory, phone memory, or flash memory is full. Go to Settings (Storage Control section) and estimate the free space. If necessary, delete unnecessary files.
Check the date and time on your smartphone. If you deviate from it for even a minute, the “intelligent” technology blocks the exchange of information.

These manipulations, with a 99% chance, will help solve the problem when WhatsApp does not send a photo or video.

Notice! In addition to sending files from the gallery, you can also send videos recorded with the gadget’s camera. To do this, click the Video button, add a caption or comment, and click Submit. This can be done directly during the transfer.

WhatsApp cannot send video: the reason is on the SD card

Very often the cause of the problem lies in the index card. The error in transferring files is explained by:

wrong attitudes;
mechanical or software damage to the drive;
limited memory.

First, check that the card is installed by itself read-only mode, It blocks the sending of files that are stored on the USB stick. You can play them on a mobile device without any loss of quality or speed, but you cannot transfer them. If you did not find this option in the settings, then check it out for yourself and try to send the video through other applications.

After that, remove any unnecessary applications that you haven’t used in a long time – They just take up useful space. If flash drive corruption is suspected, formatting is a radical troubleshooting method. If that didn’t help, it’s time to buy a new card.

Attention! This process irrevocably deletes all personal data. It is impossible to cancel a process that has started. Make a backup and save it on another device.

Do not rush to the service center

Knowing the main reasons why the video is not sent to WhatsApp, you can easily troubleshoot errors, crop the file to the size you want, compress it and send it to the subscriber.

If you need to send a GIF (animated image) file, you have to first convert it into a small video. Only in this case can the recipient open the image and see it in motion, otherwise only a static image will be opened. For the conversion you can use online programs or download special utilities.


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