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It happens like this: a person has sent a message on WhatsApp and has been watching a gray tick next to him for a long time. This indicates that the message has been sent but not yet delivered to the interlocutor. Why are WhatsApp messages not being received? In fact, this happens quite rarely as WhatsApp is a pretty stable application. However, sometimes problems with messages can be observed. There could be several reasons.

However, they can all be divided into two groups:

The host has problems;
The sending side has problems.

Host problems

Everything is easy with that. Perhaps the person you are talking to has just switched off the phone or they have problems with the Internet. It is also possible to add you to the blacklist. Although the subscriber may be asleep right now. The solution here can of course only be one: be patient and just wait. But first, it will be useful to make sure the problems are on the right side. To do this, you must at least check the quality of your own internet connection.

Status in Watsap about life – examples of status

The sending side has problems

The root of the problem doesn’t necessarily have to be in internet signal strength. It is possible that a restriction for the transfer of background data is activated in the settings of the messenger itself. To exclude this option, You need to go through the menu items:Setting – Data Usage – WhatsApp Data Usage – Check the background data limit function. The second solution to the problem is related to the fact that you need to check the notification function. This is done via the menu items:Menu – Settings – Notifications. Third way: It’s easy to restart your mobile device. It’s amazing how many problems can be solved with a simple restart …

The main reasons Watsap won’t work

You can also try to reset all WhatsApp settings to the original. Sometimes that helps too. As a last resort, the messenger must be reinstalled, removing not only the application itself but all of its service files as well.

For iOS devices, the solution can be hidden as follows:

Settings – Data usage – Whatsapp – Menu. Next, make sure that the auto sync feature is turned on.
Check that all permissions for the WhatsApp app are enabled in the phone settings.
Deactivate the energy saving function. It is entirely possible that the phone is blocking the messenger precisely because this function is activated.


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