Who Made WATSAP?

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Who Made WATSAP?

As it turns out quite often, the creators of the most famous projects are emigrants from the territory of the former USSR, which confirms the continuity of generations. By the way, the creator of “Vatsap” is no exception. This is Yan Kum, who left Ukraine and whose childhood was not so rosy. The main thing, however, is that he had the opportunity to study at university in the USA. So this man found himself on fertile ground after meeting the most talented emigrants from Russia.

At the same time, fate brings him together with a leading Facebook employee, but he is already an English-speaking American. Working at Yahoo! She also benefited and contributed to this piggy bank that Ian later used to invent an application that became the most popular messenger.

How did you get rich creating an application?

To do this, you need to be forward-looking, as the creator of Votsap turned out to be. He believed that in the years that followed, if a person were given the opportunity to use the program for free within a year, the subscriber would not want to part with what he was used to and would therefore only pay one trifle – one Dollars a year. For the United States, this payment is purely symbolic. And also for other countries in the world. So just creating was not enough Whatsapp, it was necessary to develop such a scheme.

The messenger’s incredible popularity did its job, it literally shot out of oblivion to unprecedented heights. This resulted in a mass of hunters popping up among the big players in the market to buy WhatsApp. But Facebook was the lucky one.

A reasonable question: what happened to Jan Kum after such a takeover? In a country where wild capitalism has been defeated, there are virtually no raider takeover plans. And the founder of the popular application himself was introduced to Facebook’s board of directors. The company’s employees are not made redundant, they are simply placed under the wing of a social network.

Who Made WATSAP?

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