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Surely many are interested in when it came out Whatsapp, and also who invented it.

From the genesis of WhatsApp

The first version of the world famous Messenger WhatsApp was released in 2009. And it was written for iOS devices first. However, the developers realized pretty quickly that iOS wasn’t the only one – and began actively promoting their idea on other platforms. As a result, WhatsApp can now run on almost all more or less common operating systems.

The name of the person who invented Watsap is Yang Cum. Once he emigrated from Ukraine to the USA, where he expanded his activities as a programmer. Of course, he wasn’t alone when it came to doing anything. The second creator is the American Brian Acton. According to them, their primary goal was to create a mobile communication application that is completely free. However, until recently, WhatsApp still charged an annual subscription fee of 99 US cents.

It took Jan over 20 years to go from being a consumer of unemployment benefits to being a true millionaire. To date, WhatsApp has been valued for $ 19 billion and sold to Facebook …

Of course, WhatsApp’s first launch wasn’t a new milestone in instant messenger development. After all, many programs of this type were known before him. For example the well-known ICQ. But it was WhatsApp that went into the public domain for mobile platforms. And thanks to this it became possible:

Communication by text message;
Creation of collective chats with the possibility of group communication;
Exchange of various files;
Calls are free – both voice and video.

So there’s no reason not to download WhatsApp now – and start using it.


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