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Not all users have an idea of ​​how to sign up for WhatsApp online. This feature is not available in all messengers, so you need to explain the advantages of this application. WhatsApp Online is the version that is started directly via the user’s Internet browser.

How to go to WhatsApp Online

To get WhatsApp weblogin, you must first go to the official web resource: https://web.whatsapp.com.

After a while, a new window will open showing a clear window QR code;;

You need to open a mobile analog of the Messenger, click the special button “ellipse“At the top of the screen and in the additional list, click”WhatsApp Web“.

The code scanning process begins. Place the square with the code in the frame provided on the smartphone display. After a few seconds, the QR image is scanned and the browser window is updated.

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After you have made the entry, a working window made up of two zones is displayed: right and left. A contact list is available on the left and a dialog box on the right. You can press the service buttons at the top right (“Ellipse menu” symbol). Then a list of functions is hidden.

Browsers that support WhatsApp Online

The login app currently supports almost all available browsers:

Google Chrome;
Yandex browser;
Fire fox;
Internet Explorer;
Safari and others.
So far, owners of devices with iOS system cannot use the web version because the site simply cannot log in without downloading these devices to the phone. Over time, this feature will be implemented

Opportunities WhatsApp Online

The functions available in the online version repeat the functions of the mobile analog:

You can create group dialogues. They are immediately displayed on all synced devices.
It is fashionable to send real-time text messages to anyone on the contact list not only from the phone but also from the PC.
You can change the profile settings: edit avatar, status and other information;
You can add emoticons and stickers to messages.
The background of each conversation can be changed to your liking.
You can archive the dialogs and view them later.
WhatsApp Web free download

To attach an attachment before sending it, you need to click the Paperclip button and select the desired file option:

Picture from pc;
Photo taken with a webcam;
Other documents.
Online WhatsApp login is useful when the user works on the computer a lot and doesn’t want to be distracted by the phone


Like many serious messengers, WhatsApp has its own online version. WhatsApp Web. That means you can go to your profile and communicate directly from the browser without using your phone. Almost no use … But more on that later.

What are the advantages of WhatsApp Web?

You can log into your account directly from your computer using your preferred browser.
Typing messages on a full-size keyboard is still more convenient than on a virtual smartphone.
All correspondence and personal settings are retained in full, as all data is stored on a central server. The online version of WhatsApp is not a separate profile, but an addition to the phone version.
You can change the status and profile data directly from Watsap network;;
The account is still connected to the phone so there is no risk that someone else can use the account from a computer.
You can receive message notifications right on your computer desktop and even read message thumbnails.

How to log into WhatsApp Web

To sign in Whatsapp network for computers From your account you will need:

Visit the project website by clicking the link: https://web.whatsapp.com/;;
When the webpage loads, you’ll see a special QR code that needs to be scanned with your phone. And that’s exactly why you need an activated phone account. To scan the code, you must first start the WhatsApp version on the phone, then select “WhatsApp Web” in the Messenger menu and point the phone camera at the window with the code.
then the messenger will do everything himself. If the code is successfully scanned, a distinctive tone will be heard – and an exact copy of the chats from the mobile version of WhatsApp will appear in the browser window.

To WhatsApp web on the computer For this to work successfully, one of the following browsers must be installed: Opera, Google Chrome, Safari, FireFox, Edge.

WhatsApp web functions

Actually with the browser version Whatsapp You can do almost everything in the same way as in a full-fledged cell phone:

Exchange text messages with your contacts;
Create group and individual chats;
Insert emoticons in messages;
Sending and receiving of graphics, audio and video files;
Manage your own profile including changing your avatar photo and status.
Send voice messages. service Watsap Web allows you to record a voice message and send it as an audio file;
Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to call a subscriber using the browser version. This error may be fixed in the next versions of the program. 

If you can’t connect

However, it also happens that a connection to the browser version of WhatsApp cannot be established. This can have different causes:

The most common cause is communication problems. In this case, nothing can be done. All that remains is to wait until the provider has solved his problems.
There is simply no WhatsApp account. Oh, but go to Web WhatsApp for computers, It’s just impossible not to have an account on a mobile phone.
Problems logging into WhatsApp account on phone. Before you can access the online version of WhatsApp, you must first activate your phone.
inappropriate browser version or not updated by WhatsApp. Unfortunately, the famous Internet Explorer cannot work with WhatsApp Web. On the other hand, there aren’t that many fans of this browser anymore. It is also possible that an outdated version of WhatsApp is installed. In this case you have to update the messenger yourself.
When using a public version of Wi-Fi, it is possible that access to social networks, instant messengers, etc. is restricted. Including on WhatsApp.

Profile management on WhatsApp Web

Any change to the profile on the computer is immediately reflected in the mobile version. For example, to insert a different profile photo, all you have to do is left-click on it and select the photo you want in the window that opens. You can also Change and status. To do this, just click on the pencil picture below the profile photo – and the status will be available for editing.

How to chat on WhatsApp Web

To chat with friends, simply select the contact you want in the left part of the window – and the last chat with them will open. In the lower field you can write messages and insert emoticons. And to Send a graphic file, You need to click on the image of the gray paper clip at the top right of the screen. In this case you will be asked to either select an existing photo or to take it with the integrated webcam. You can also add a photo by simply dragging it Drag the drop into the chat window. You can also archive, delete or delete chats. This is done through the chat menu by clicking on the image of the service button in the form of three vertical dots.

Adding a new chat to WhatsApp Web

To start a new chat, you can click the button in the form of a text in the main window. It is possible to add existing contacts to this chat and create a group if you add multiple people at the same time. Browser version You can receive notifications with WhatsApp about new messages right on your desktop. In addition, you can see the thumbnails of these messages so as not to be distracted reading all of the text. In this case, you can also receive audio signals. The notification cannot only be received in the Edge browser. However, an audible alarm is given. It is possible that this restriction will be lifted soon.

For sure, WhatsApp Web it is at least worth it to be tested on the job. The advantages are obvious, so that you can now communicate with your friends without being distracted from working on the computer – as if this were happening, for example, on social networks.


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