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WhatsApp Web Is a version of the popular messenger designed to work with a computer. To access the service, use the same account as on the phone. Both versions are synchronized with each other. This means that the messages that the user creates on the mobile phone are available to them on the computer.

Description of services

As the name suggests, WhatsApp Web is not a program but a resource that allows you to communicate with friends from your computer screen. The add-on is very limited and doesn’t have the same functionality as the smartphone app. For example, it is impossible to establish video communication through them.

WhatsApp Web requires an uninterrupted internet connection to function properly. Therefore, the user should ensure that their phone and computer are connected to Wi-Fi before logging into the account. If communication is established via the mobile Internet, it may incur additional costs according to the provisions of the subscriber’s tariff plan.

Opportunities and advantages of the resource:

Simple, intuitive user interface.
Russian menu with control tips.
Simple authorization process.
Free to use.
Creation of regular and group chats.
Synchronization of data with a mobile device.
Transmission of voice messages.
Transfer of images, files, media.
Add new contacts.
Status change.
How do I put a photo on an avatar in Vatsap?

The administration and authorization of WhatsApp Web is done on the phone. And has a high level of protection against unauthorized use. To stay online and access your account, it is enough not to turn off WatsUp on your smartphone.

The Vatsap remote communication service is suitable for those who do not want to conduct correspondence from their mobile phone but do not want to install additional software on their computer. And also for those who enter the chat from public devices.

Which devices is WhatsApp Web compatible with?

The service is currently available for synchronization with phones running Android, IOS, Windows Phone (above 8.0). And also on Nokia and BlackBerry smartphones.

All Windows and common browsers (Chrome, Yandex, Opera, Internet Explore and others) can be used to access the network.

Additional requirements for connecting WhatsApp Web:

Availability of a stable internet;
an authorized WhatsApp account;
Full version of the program installed on the phone.

The service does not require installation on the device or registration, which makes working with the resource much easier.

What is WhatsApp status and how to install it

How to log into the system

The WhatsApp web service is freely available on the Internet. To chat with friends on a computer, the user must:

Follow the link in one of the installed browsers https://web.whatsapp.com/.
Launch the WatsAp application on your phone.
Go to the program settings (marked with three vertical dots).

Open the WhatsApp web section.

scan QR code from the service side of the mobile camera.

When the authorization process is complete, the main page of the resource opens in the browser. In order to prevent fraudsters or strangers from gaining access to your personal page, it is important not to show or transmit the unique QR code to anyone.

A mobile phone is also used to log out of WhatsApp Web. To turn off syncing with a PC, you need to:

Open the applications installed on the smartphone.

Go to Settings.
Open the WhatsApp web section.
Select the command “Shut down all computers“.

Reconnecting the service is only possible after scanning the code

If the user cannot scan the code, they need to check the functionality of the mobile camera. If everything is okay, restarting the service will help fix the error.


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