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Among all instant messengers that allow you to quickly transfer text and media files to other users quickly, Whatsapp. A large number of users of this application want to read the program’s backup database on their computer. To implement this procedure, you need to download Whatsapp Viewer. But many of them have practically heard nothing about this little program, so they don’t know how to get it.

To look for this utility, you need to use the same internet. You must enter the corresponding expression in the search bar of the installed browser. After that, the person spends some time studying the list of websites displayed. Among all the resources, the user sees the direct addresses of the file hosting services, where he is offered to download the desired program with a simple or quick download. The difference between the two options is that the file will be available on your computer at different times after you have selected and pressed the appropriate key.

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Where can I download Whatsapp Viewer?

The list also includes websites that contain links to other resources where you can download the program. Many of them are in English. If a person does not speak a foreign language, this is not a problem for them, as modern browser functions allow automatic translation.

How do I make calls with WhatsApp?

In addition, the forums can tell where you can download Whatsapp Viewer really for free. The addresses of such websites can also be found in the general list that opens in the browser. In most cases, you will see resources for which such a topic has already been discussed.
You can download Whatsapp Viewer here

Plus, you can always create it yourself. After that, of course, the user will have to wait, but in the end they will definitely get a response.


Whatsapp Viewer is a very interesting utility, the scope of which includes viewing protected chats, as well as intercepting confidential information and various multimedia content. In this case, the user does not need to download a lot of additional libraries as everything necessary is included directly in the distribution kit. This utility enables you to ensure the storage and restoration of backup copies of chats and personal correspondence.

Advantages and functions of the WhatsApp Viewer app

The ability to view protected chats from a PC that has been encrypted using WhatsApp Viewer scripts crypt12 and Crypt 8.
The program occupies a little more than 120 megabytes of free space.
The names of the contacts are not displayed in this utility, but the user has access to the phone numbers of the attendees that serve as the names of the contacts.
The use of all extensive functions of the utility is provided free of charge, which does not imply any hidden fees and charges.

Using the WhatsApp Viewer

So far, this utility is only available for download and installation stationary computer Run Windows. The installation process itself is minimal. However, users who have problems with the English language may have certain issues with the installation as the application is not currently fully Russified.

There is one more nuance that needs to be considered for those who want to use such an application. With every official update of WhatsApp Messenger, the WhatsApp Viewer must be updated and synchronized with your own mobile phone account.


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