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If WhatsApp does not open, the user does not immediately understand the reason. It is actually quite simple. Crashes in the mobile application can also occur due to a minor bug or a lack of smartphone storage. Most often, a person can solve a problem on their own without resorting to the help of specialists. Below are the causes and solutions for WhatsApp not starting problem.

Method 1. Restart the program

If WhatsApp suddenly stopped working, a video won’t open, or you can’t read a message, a simple restart will help fix the freezing. To do this, go to the phone settings and select the section “Installed apps“, And stop the program. After the restart, the error disappears.

Method 2. Update

Often the reason WatSap does not open is the lack of a recent update. New versions are automatically downloaded from the App Store. If the user has disabled this option in the settings, it can affect WhatsApp’s overall performance. To fix the problem, you need to go to the Play Market or Play Story Store (depending on the phone operating system installed) and download the update.

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Method 3. Checking the Internet

An uninterrupted internet connection is required for the stable operation of the messenger. If a user finds that their photos cannot be opened in WhatsApp and no images are loaded, it may be due to a lack of communication. It’s pretty easy to check out how the internet works. All you have to do is open the browser installed on your phone and launch any website. If the page does not load, make sure that:

whether there are sufficient funds in the balance sheet;
whether the traffic is used up;
whether the connection is via WLAN or mobile.
If the reason is not found, you can call the provider and ask if they are blocking WhatsApp

Method 4. Restart your phone

Cheap smartphone owners often wonder why WhatsApp won’t open when there is no obvious reason to do so. What to do and how to fix the problem And the reason is very common: the phone does not have enough RAM for the program to work. The same reason causes other errors – the camera does not start, it is impossible to make a video call. The usual restart of the phone can help with this.

It is also recommended to clean your smartphone of unnecessary junk by downloading a special utility so that there are no errors in WhatsApp in the future.

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Method 5. Technical problems

Service work to improve the application rarely causes operational errors. However, if VatsAp doesn’t open on multiple people, this may be exactly why. In this case you cannot fix the problem yourself. The user just has to wait for the connection to be established.

If none of the methods worked to solve the problem, then the user’s mobile device just doesn’t support WatsApp and they have to look for another program.


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