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Follow our easy instruction and install the official version of WhatsApp on your WHATSAPP SUPPORT AND YOUR TELEPHONE NUMBER


If you have any questions about the work of the popular messenger, users can turn to the contact center specialists. Competent employees will help solve the problem and advise you on how to avoid mistakes in the future. To contact WatsApp support, you can use one of the methods described below.

Method 1. FAQ

The FAQ section published on the official WhatsApp website on the Internet has answers to the most popular questions. Before you write to WatsAp technical support, you must review the information provided. The data on the website is constantly updated and is most relevant for solving problems. You can help from both your computer and your phone. It is enough to select the desired section in the program settings.

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Method 2. Communication by email

Depending on the device the program is installed on, you will need to send an email with a question to the developer email to contact the WatsApp support service:

Windows Phone
Different device

The letter should contain:

Account information;
Telephone number;
a description of the problem or problem.
If necessary, you can add screenshots to the letter that show the error. The more complete and informative the written complaint, the faster the response will be.

Method 3. Write to specialists using a mobile application

You can also write about the program installed on the device in support of WatsApp. This method is useful in that it eliminates the need for the user to search for the mailbox address and provide personal information in the message. All data is received automatically.

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To file a complaint you will need:

Open the WhatsApp settings.
Find the section “Help“.

Select the article “Contact us“.

In the window that opens, only the description of the problem remains and press the button “Send Message“.

WhatsApp support responds to requests that are received immediately. Therefore the question will be answered within a few hours.


Use the app Whatsapp simple and enjoyable. But sometimes there are difficulties with the functionality, messages are not sent, it is impossible to configure Video calls, Files cannot be downloaded or saved on the phone. The Watsap support offers the possibility to solve all problems quickly, to get advice from a specialist and to avoid wasting time.

The developers of the program took care of the impeccable service, all operators are courteous and competent in case of problems in connection with the messenger. The technical department works around the clock so that users can solve their problems with a minimal waiting time.

How to Contact Technical Support

To get instant advice, you need to follow two simple steps:

Go to the Settings category.
In the list that opens there is a “Help” element. Click on it.

You will see two lines on the display. The first “About the program” contains all the information about the functions of the application, its settings and others useful facts. If you have questions about software performance and bugs, this line is of no interest to us. We turn to the FAQ section, this is the WhatsApp support itself.

If you click on this position, you will be redirected to the website and you do not need to exit the application. Take a look at the frequently asked questions. The answers contain a lot of useful information. The developer does not provide the support service phone numbers. You can send a message by attaching a screenshot. You will get the answer as soon as possible.


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