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The free Internet messenger WhatsApp has gained such enormous popularity worldwide that it is often referred to as a social network and a serious competitor for Twitter and Facebook. What is a watsap social network or a messenger? Maybe it would be correct to say something like this: WhatsApp is a messenger with social sharing functions. You can start chatting in Messenger by downloading it to your phone for free.

What you can do with WhatsApp

Creating group chats is a sign of a social network.
Share content – just like on social media.
Assigning status to your account is very similar to VKontakte, isn’t it?
How Whatsapp Web works and how to use the web version

Is it a watsap social network or not?

If you are an active user and have a lot of contacts with whom you constantly communicate, share photos, create interest groups – then Watsapp can be called a social network. However, if your phonebook only has a dozen numbers and you contact them twice a week, the service will be used as a free messenger.

In order for WhatsApp Messenger to become a full-fledged social platform, the owners need to make some changes to the project policy. At least create versions for desktops and tablets.

For the most part, people on social networks communicate not through smartphones, but on computers with large screens – this is more convenient. And as long as the owners of the WhatsApp service tenaciously only cling to smartphone users, it will be a messenger for adult users and a social network for students. Since smartphones are an accessory for advanced teenagers, it is much more convenient to use an inconspicuous telephone to distract you from class during lectures at the institute. But in the office it is just more convenient to visit social networks from a desktop computer – Alt + Tab and you are already back in Odnoklassniki – and a working document in front of the eyes of unexpected bosses.

What Watsap social network or messenger? Such a question may seem strange at first glance. Of course, this is primarily a messenger, which is an application that you can communicate with. However, if you look carefully, WhatsApp has some characters and social networks. After all, it has long united millions of people around the world. You can find someone to talk to in specialist groups or in public.

This creates a so-called community that can then come together to form a group and enable all participants to participate in their lives. in addition, The group can be deleted or edited. For example, distribute rights, include new participants in a conversation or remove someone. A group chat can have its own logo and name. You can also organize the one-way distribution of messages to selected users. This makes WhatsApp somewhat similar to a group on a social network.

Functions of WhatsApp as a social network

As already mentioned, Watsap social Program for communication. However, it also has some characteristics of a social network:

You can exchange text messages.
You can join groups organized by the users themselves.
You can chat in a group chat and share your thoughts, upload pictures for public access, music, videos, etc.
You can even call each other.

Of course, Vatsap is first and foremost a messenger – a program that people can use to communicate on the Internet. However, as can be seen from the above, the concept is – Watsap social network – also makes sense. Each user can organize their own little social network in WhatsApp.


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