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Here are just a few of the WhatsApp secrets that any user might find useful.

Install two WhatsApp on one device

This undocumented feature can be useful when you want to have multiple WhatsApp accounts on the same device. Firstly, if the phone supports the use of two SIM cards, there will be no problem with that. After all, the account is tied to a phone number. Second, you can download the GioWhatsApp application that will allow you to install two copies of WhatsApp on one device. Right, you have to activate the second account from another number.

Set a password for logging into WhatsApp

To block unauthorized access to WhatsApp, you need to follow a few simple steps:

Download and install the dedicated WhatsApp Lock application.
Start the application and lock the messenger with a PIN code.

How does Whatsapp Web open on iPhone?

Create shortcuts to contacts and groups

To set up quick start shortcuts for particularly important group chats and contacts, you need to press and hold the contact or group for a while and not share it. You will be asked to create a shortcut. You have to agree. A corresponding link is then created on the screen.

Disable saving images for archiving

Watsap’s secrets are actually not such secrets, the user can get many of them all by himself. One of these possibilities is to prohibit the automatic saving of images.

On the one hand it is very good that WhatsApp itself stores pictures, on the other hand they can “clog” the memory of the device considerably. To prevent this from happening, you need to select the items in the iPhone: Settings – Security – Photos and disable the saving of photos in the menu that opens. For Android OS, you need to download a special utility ES File Explorer which is actually a file manager. Create a new folder in the application menu and name it .nomedia.

How to set photos in WhatsApp on your phone

Chat statistics

If the user is interested in the communication statistics in WhatsApp, then you can install the WhatStat utility. The statistics of the chats are now available: with which users the most frequent and at what time the most intensive communication takes place. In addition, there are many other hidden or little-known functions in the application. For example, you can change the mandatory phone number, activate message notification on the PC and much more.


Even if you have been using Messenger for a very long time and successfully, chances are that you are not familiar with some of the tricks that optimize its work. The developer does not report this in official sources, but advanced users are always kept up to date. So what are the secrets Whatsapp exists.

Privacy mode: a useful WhatsApp trick

When you communicate with subscribers on a daily basis, you can’t even guess that it’s that easy to hide behind a mask of privacy. Just go to settings and Hide visibility your status and avatar. Also, there is no need for other contacts to know when you were last online, while the user can freely enter the chat and read messages that interest them.

For an iOS device, you have to do manipulations in the messenger itself: go to Chat Settings and use the Advanced tab.
It is even easier for owners of gadgets running on the Android operating system. A special tab “Data Protection” helps solve the problem.

Create a shortcut for any number

Sometimes you need to be able to access a particular chat very quickly. To do this, create a special shortcut and place it on your desktop. Android devices have a special “Add Shortcut” tab in the menu that you need to use. After all the simple manipulations, a small icon will appear on the desktop. This is a quick way to match the selected contact.

For iOS devices, add-ons are used because the above function is not available.

Other secret messenger manipulations

If you do not want to clog the phone memory with pictures sent by the interlocutors, simply disable this feature in the Security section and disable the automatic saving process.
Everyone knows that the program is activated by a phone number, but did you know it can be changed? It takes 5 minutes. At the same time, all messages, correspondence and friend profiles are saved. You can do this in your account settings.
Owners of iOS devices can use a special service that sends push notifications when a contact has joined the network or signals in a private chat that the participant is entering a message.
It is also possible to block the chat with a PIN code. Nobody can read your correspondence in the group. You can also pause the demonstration of news on the popular Facebook network.

Our portal will teach you all the tricks of the program!


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