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Right now, users have a few options on how to use Messenger on a PC, but not everyone can register in WhatsApp on a computer without help. If you already have an account in the application, you can simply open the WEB version of Messenger or install it on your computer and then log in using the QR code. A logical question arises: “How do I create an account without a phone?”

WhatsApp registration methods through PC

To the great regret of many fans of this application, there is only one way to register in WhatsApp on a computer – with an Android device emulator

The first thing you need to do is download an emulator on your PC. It is worth choosing the one that is distributed for free and has at least some authority among users. Best to use Nox or Bluestacks. Once downloaded, install the program and run it.

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Most likely, the application will ask you to register and select a device to emulate. We choose the one who cares more about the soul. It is desirable that this be a new model, otherwise compatibility issues may arise.

The next step is the installation of the WhatsApp application itself. In the emulator we find the application store for Android Play Market and enter the name of the messenger when searching. Click on the first option and wait for it to download and install on the device.

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When all the preparatory steps have been completed, you can proceed directly to the registration. This process on the emulator is no different than what you did on a normal mobile device.

What next

There are several ways to continue using the program:

Continue working through the emulator.
Download the PC version of the application.
Use the WEB version of Messenger.

Both of the latter options are only possible if your computer has a webcam. Otherwise, you cannot count for authorization.


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