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Generally payment for Whatsapp Now it seems to be a thing of the past forever. Today it is no longer necessary to pay a regular annual fee for using this messenger.

How could I pay for Vatsap?

That’s right, until a relatively short time ago the WhatsApp messenger was still paid for. However, the first 12 months were completely free. But then it was necessary to pay 99 cents for the right to use the program for another year. And another year … and so on. And it was done like this:

The WhatsApp Messenger was started on the smartphone.
then it was necessary to go Menu Applications;
go to points: the settings – – account;;
Payment Information (There is no such item in the menu today).

It was also suggested to choose how long the subscription should be renewed: for one year, for three years or for five years at a time. In addition, the amount was immediately given in rubles. And the payment methods were: through a Google wallet, through a mobile phone, or through a bank card.

But today the developers made WhatsApp completely free. After a year you don’t have to pay anything anymore – never.

For those interested in how to pay for Vatsap, it used to be possible that this information could be useful.

So is WhatsApp free?

Yes! At the moment WhatsApp Messenger is complete, complete and absolutely free. This applies to both sending messages and making calls. So far there are no fees for emoticons and gifs. WhatsApp has not yet acquired any stickers in the true sense of the word.

If you suddenly get the message that “next Saturday” or at some point WhatsApp will be paid again, but you can now pay less – and thus receive a reduced subscription … then do not believe such rumors. This is a scam. How should I react to that? No way. There is no need to send disgruntled messages to third parties (for a spammer, this is a direct signal that the number is “live” – ​​and it is immediately entered into the spam database). All you have to do is block the number this message was sent from and yourself delete message. You can also warn your friends about this so that they don’t fall for scammers too.

By the way, the developers themselves do not quite imagine how they can make money with Vatsap. It is possible that some paid features will appear soon. So far, however, none of them have been observed or even announced.


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