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Until recently, a lot of money had to be paid for voice communication on mobile phones and sending SMS. Everything changed after the appearance of various instant messengers that allow you to send messages and make calls for free or for a dime. In this regard, very often users are interested in what is better than Viber or WhatsApp?

If you compare these messengers in detail, you will find that they share the following similarities:

The link is to a telephone number. During the installation of applications, the user does not have to go through a long registration that creates a nickname. He just needs to provide a valid phone number.
The person has the ability to create and participate in group chats.
People can send photos and videos.
All contacts are available to users almost instantly.
Programs require a small amount of battery power to run.

With all the similarities, both messengers can be used on smartphones as well as on PCs or tablets.

WhatsApp web video calls from computer online

Pros and cons of programs, or how Viber differs from WhatsApp

Each application has its own advantages. The user has to know them well, then he can decide which mood or which watsap is better.

So the developer Whatsapp offers device owners regularly updated versions that are supplemented with useful functions and have improved, but at the same time simple interfaces. At the same time, they allow easy access to settings and can also work at low data rates. In addition, each version of Messenger shows whether a person from the contact list is online and allows you to find out when they were last online.

The Viber app has a nice collection of stickers and emoticons. With the messenger, the user can specify his location when sending a message. At the same time, a person can still make calls for free, but only if the device is connected to the Internet at a high and stable speed. Users can also change the background in the chat window and add new emoticons to the collection on a regular basis.


How is Viber different from WhatsApp?

For an accurate answer to this question, one must not forget its drawbacks. When using the first messenger, it will be difficult for the user to make calls when the data transfer rate is low. However, if you install the second program, you won’t be able to run it for free. Especially in Whatsapp There is a subscription fee from 2 years. A tip for users that will allow them not to suffer and not decide whether Viber or WhatsApp is better? It is recommended that device owners install both messengers. In this case, they always stay in contact, even if problems arise with one of the programs!


It is possible that some users are interested in what is Watsap and Viber and how to use these programs. Well, you can try to give a brief and comprehensive answer to these questions.

Messengers and what they are eaten with

The term “messenger” itself means in the broader sense of this word any program that can be used to communicate in one way or another. And today there are a multitude of messengers – with a multitude of functions. There are messengers for corporate use – only within the same company. And there are those with whom you can communicate with the whole world.

The old timers of the internet will certainly remember the “ICQ” – ICQ. So that’s a messenger too. Incidentally, ICQ is still alive and well and has changed beyond recognition and acquired new functions. But the main competitors in the market are WhatsApp and Viber. In almost every way they go “head to head”. And using them is pretty easy. They are launched on cell phones and allow users to correspond, exchange files and even make calls from one messenger to another.

Something like that is the answer to the question of what a messenger is. If anyone is interested in which other messenger to prefer, definitely no one will answer such a question.

All programs are good in their own way. But it is Vatsap that more than a billion people use today.

Finally, with WhatsApp you can:

send text messages to each other;
Thin out the text with funny emoticons.
You can also share pictures and videos.
and of course call for free each other – both through voice communication and over a video channel.

In addition, today this program is distributed completely free of charge and has an official Russian localization.


Given the difference between the two most popular texts, Viber and WhatsApp, it is very difficult for either of them to give up the lead. In fact, they each have the same number of advantages and disadvantages. Answer the question How is WhatsApp different from Viber? We’ll try in this group test.

The main differences between WhatsApp and Viber

The analysis of the functions of both applications leads to the definition Main differences:

the difference in free;
WhatsApp has more options on the schedule but does not offer the ability to make calls.
Viber has a limited number of conference calls.
Viber delivers high quality audio and video.
Viber has the ability to send doodles.
Well there is a complete difference in colors and control panel for both applications.

High Resolution
Medium definition

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What’s better than WhatsApp or Viber?

The answer to this question can be formulated as follows: each of the uses is better for those who need their exact skills that we will consider.

Viber has Voice communication, This is possible with the presence of Internet or Wi-Fi. Both programs can run Location transfer, but Viber makes it more convenient. Limitations in File transfer – a major disadvantage of both programs. There is no way to send an entire document. WhatsApp applies compression when transferring photos. At the same time, Viber does not allow them to be compressed. On Connection quality Viber users complained of crashes more often.

Application functionality:

The main purpose is related to the transmission of messages.
Free calls;
You can send stickers, “moods”;
allows the creation of groups with 40 members;
Photos and video files are transferred from a phone or camera.
Offline notifications;
Advertising is completely absent;
it is possible to create doodles;
completely free application.
transmits messages in text mode;
You can also send video and photo files directly from the camera itself and from the phone gallery.
Sending audio;
Availability of communication for a group of participants;
Offline notifications;
Full integration into the owner’s phone book is permitted.
The selection of background images installed in dialog boxes is allowed.
Without advertisement;
The message can be sent to any number of addresses at the same time.
complete free communication between those using this application;
Free use of all features of the application for the first year. $ 1 additional usage cost. 

So let’s recap our comparison of which messenger is better than Viber or WhatsApp – those who mainly correspond with their device should use Whatsapp. And for those who make a lot of phone calls in other parts of the world, Viber is ideal.


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