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The possibility of instant unlimited communication at any time of the day is a basic need of every modern user and is carried out via online access to WhatsApp. Everyone wants to stay in constant contact with family, friends and colleagues in order to find out about current events in good time and to react to changes in important situations, from work to private individuals.

Main features of WhatsApp Messenger

The main functions of WhatsApp web login include:

Communication in the network by sending text and voice messages with attachments of media files (photos, videos, audio tracks, documents, archives, etc.);
Free calls in the network regardless of the location of the participants;
You can have group chats.
The synchronization between a mobile device and a desktop version (all correspondence carried out on a PC is displayed on a smartphone) also applies to the synchronization of the contact list.
WhatsApp Online works freely in the background so you are always connected.
All available data exchange protocols are used for working over the Internet.

Note that WhatsApp web login will only work on a PC if Messenger is started on a mobile device. If it doesn’t work or happened by itself, the desktop client won’t work either

For the full security of your PC and mobile phone, you must ensure that both systems are free from dangerous viruses or spyware, as personal data can fall into third hands and lose its inviolability. It is enough to use free known antivirus programs and use the current databases in it.

Remove WhatsApp from the iPhone – as usual

Advantages of WhatsApp

It is not for nothing that WhatsApp for PC is called one of the most practical and convenient instant messengers. It enables many users not to fall out of the news trend, share interesting ideas and have constant communication, even with people who live in another part of the world without downloading them to their phone.

It used to be possible to access it on Android and iOS phones, but attendees very much asked the developers to add a different version of the program, but for a PC, so that it could be easily used on a home or work computer. This has been implemented;
Thanks to the sophisticated WhatsApp design, you can send text and voice messages all over the world and send the necessary files and documents from a smartphone and a PC.
Equipped with the function of sending geospatial data;
Allows you to synchronize the phone history of all incoming and outgoing messages.
Contains many other useful functions.

The downloaded WhatsApp Web is reliably suitable for organizing spontaneous dialogues in which several people have to participate at the same time. It is very effective not only for personal needs, but also for quick resolution of work moments.

How to install two WhatsApp on one phone – instructions

Install WhatsApp on the PC

In order to access Vatsap Web on PC, you need to download additional software from the official website and install it on a Mac OS or Windows computer system. Or use the online version of Messenger via the browser. Let’s look at the installation step by step:

After opening the online page a special one QR drawing, that must be scanned with the camera of the phone on which the messenger is installed;

It is important to note that to access WhatsApp you will need to use web browser in the Chromium engine. Google Chrome and similar browsers like Yandex Browser are perfect. You will be able to correctly display the protection pattern necessary to read the camera.
To do this, you have to start the phone and the messenger, activate the function “WhatsApp Web»Point the camera at the image displayed on the PC screen.
Next, an automatic check is carried out with which you can use all functions of the Messenger in the future.

In addition, you do not have to transfer contacts to a PC, as the phone numbers of both devices are synchronized after starting.


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