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Whatsapp – a program whose creation has become a real revolution in the world of information technology. What are the advantages of this messenger for users and what caused its popularity?

Features of WhatsApp

Hundreds of users install Whatsapp every day – this is the best alternative to SMS communication that has lost its relevance. The official website has the most similar information to the offer, which will help you evaluate the pros and cons.

The main advantages that users appreciate are:

Simple and intuitive user interface
Availability of information on contacts
The ability to exchange not only messages but files as well
Create groups
Location function.
WhatsApp social network or messenger?

WhatsApp: for every device

And these are just the most requested features of the application. After just a few simple steps, it can be installed on almost any modern smartphone in a matter of minutes, so any user can enjoy easy and convenient communication.

You can download the messenger for:

Windows Phone

The creators of the application also took care of those who do not want to end the correspondence even on the computer. With a special WhatsApp Web client, you can also conduct dialogues on a laptop or stationary PC. All you have to do is open the desired tab in the browser by scanning the suggested QR code with your smartphone. After the appearance of WhatsApp Messenger, the largest wireless companies suffered millions of dollars in losses. This is the choice for those who prefer to always be in touch and enjoy absolutely free communication with friends. Visit the official website to learn more about the features of the application and fully appreciate its convenience and benefits.


As with any major application WhatsApp official website has also. It is not difficult to find. You can use a google search or just: https://www.whatsapp.com/.

What’s on the official WhatsApp website

Most likely, the site will initially load in Russian. If this is not the case, however, you can change the language at any time in the upper right part of the window. There is available in the drop-down menu under the many Russian. Official Watsap website has the following sections:

Main menu of the sections. From here you can go to sites like:

At home. Accordingly, this is the main page of the website. From here you can go to any other section.
Download. Here you can download any version of WhatsApp available for a specific mobile platform. If you go to the section related to a specific mobile platform, you will see the full list of devices that support Messenger.
WhatsApp Web is a browser version of Messenger. From here you can communicate without a phone. In some cases this is very convenient.
Security. Here WhatsApp official website published information on the security of using the Messenger: end-to-end encryption, data protection information and a more detailed description of the basics of the security of communication with WhatsApp;
FAQ. WhatsApp official website also helps to answer the most common questions about using the application without having to search the Internet for answers;
Blog. On this page, the developers explain to you what WhatsApp is, what it is for, and briefly follow the course of its creation. In addition, the developers explain, for example, why they gave up advertising in their idea and why they decided to make it completely free. Surely many remember that previously only the first year of using WhatsApp was free. Then you had to pay. However, since January 18, 2016, the developers have made Messenger completely free.

Additionally, there are links at the bottom of the page that will take you to articles that are being talked about WhatsApp on other resources, You can also visit the Messenger Community on Facebook, find out about the company’s vacancies, and get information on other projects from the developers. There is information on how to contact the developers via Twitter, Facebook, and Helpdesk. You can also suggest WhatsApp to your Facebook friends. You can if you want to Download Watsap official website to computer Use special applications and view them offline. However, you can often specify the depth of the download links as well.

WhatsApp functions

WhatsApp is a messenger – that is, a program for communication. You can communicate in text mode in both individual and group chat. You can also make calls with WhatsApp. And absolutely free. WhatsApp allows you to share photos, videos, and audio files. You can record voice messages and send them to the participant. WhatsApp can safely be called a mobile cross-platform application. However, there is also a browser version of it.

Know how to find Official WhatsApp website, From there, you can not only always download the latest version of Messenger for one of the supported platforms, but also find answers to many questions about working with it and possibly discover many interesting subtleties of WhatsApp.


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