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WhatsApp was developed by experienced programmers. Experts have done a long research to gather the best from the messenger. The result is a user-friendly interface with a comfortable structure and audio devices. Standard sounds are comfortable and versatile. However, WhatsApp has been adapted for modernization and improvement. In the settings, the tone of the message in WhatsApp can be changed to any melody.

The developer first provides the program with a number of ready-made options. Here you can choose your favorite from several melodies. If you wish, you can completely turn off any audible notification that is relevant when a person is in public places or at a university. At the same time, you can turn off or select vibration tracking.

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To choose your own melody, you need to upload it to the root directory of the program. This cannot be done on all devices. Apple gadgets cannot be hacked and edited. Hence, users must be satisfied with the default options. Another situation is with Android. There are special programs that allow you to manipulate the structure of the application in any way possible to add new files and items. That’s right, only advanced users can use such utilities. The complex architecture and variety of options will confuse the beginner.

Video status for WhatsApp – download and install

I have to say that with every new version of WhatsApp, developers keep introducing more and more new ringtones. The program’s brand library is quite spacious and requires comfortable and enjoyable audio tracks. In addition, you can control the sound with standard buttons on the control panel of your smartphone. You don’t have to go into settings to turn off the warning for a few minutes.


It is important for working social messenger users to learn how to mute the sound in WhatsApp. The mute option allows you to receive messages without sounding a beep. This can be distracting and uncomfortable. The shutdown steps are systematized in instructions with a sequential step description.

First of all, it should be noted that notification signals are regulated by smartphone settings and application settings. Accordingly, the deactivation of signals can be carried out via the telephone as well as via the messenger (or both at the same time).

Disabling WhatsApp notifications

With this technology, the user only switches off signals in the Watzap Messenger. All other applications will run normally.

Muting the sound – instruction:

Turn on Watsap.
incantation “Menu” – – “The settings”.
Go to the section “Notifications” – “Sounds and signals“.
Uncheck the box.

If new messages now arrive, the device will no longer give any signals.

Turn off sounds on the device

A work or study mode that requires full concentration is not compatible with the buzzing smartphone every minute. How can I turn off the sound in WhatsApp on my phone? You can completely neutralize the messenger and other software by disabling the notification parameters on the device itself.


Wait for the notification from Watsap.
Turn on the screen and slide it up from the bottom to display a warning.
Click and hold on the notification until the menu is down – select “Via the app“.
When you click, an information window will appear and there should be a line at the top. “Enable notifications“.
Uncheck the box next to this line.
Close the menu.
If necessary, go through all software with notifications.


Turn on your iPhone.
Go to “The settings” – “Message center“.
Select WhatsApp from the list.
Put “No” in the submenu “Memory styles“.

Note! Do not disturb option is designed for iPhones. It is activated for all notifications and can be preset or controlled manually via the path “Menu” – “Settings” – “Do not disturb”.

How can I turn on the sound of notifications when it is important for the user to receive a service or a business message?

The sequence of actions is the reverse of that when switching off. Activate the tones on the phone and set up alarms in Vatsap.

If you properly manage the working mode of the Messenger, you will not be able to worry about embarrassing situations and at the same time you will always receive the necessary notifications.


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