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How do you write WhatsApp, Watsap or Whatsap? – a popular question in the Russian-speaking community of the messenger. To answer this, you need to take into account the meaning of the title, mention the rules of transliteration and check the transcription.

How to Spell WhatsApp in Russian

In the English-speaking world, there is a short and meaningful question that is often used at the beginning of a conversation: “What’s wrong?” It translates as “how are you, how are you”. The developers decided to create a consonant name for their new product that could sound similar in English, which eventually gave rise to the term WhatsApp, which uses an abbreviation for the word “application” – application instead of “up”.

If we go to transliteration, WhatsApp is correctly pronounced and spelled in Russian – WhatsApp. In the Cyrillic alphabet, the Latin letter “W” and “V” replaces “B”. The letter “h” is illegible, so the transition to “a” is immediate, which does not change in any way. The following Latin letters, namely “t”, “s” and “a” remain untrue to form “t”, “c” and “a”. The double “pp” removes a letter and looks like a single “p” in Russian.

So if the question arises of how watsap or watsap is correct, we can safely refer to the first option. I will resort to transliteration

Word transcription

To correct how WhatsApp is spelled, you should resort to WhatsApp transcription. Breaking the name down into parts gives you:

How to update WhatsApp update instructions
What is [w ↄ t s] – Wats.
App [æ p] – ap.

If we start from the sound of the proposed variant, the letter “o” takes the mountain, creating the Votsap variant.

Note! In a conversation or correspondence with a stranger, it is preferable to use Watsap so as not to appear “vulgar”. Each derivative is suitable for communicating with friends

Possible spellings for WhatsApp

Users from the CIS countries often use the most unusual names of the messenger in their speech, which they heard by ear, so that they slip into a conversation or correspondence:

Wasap – appears as part of the “sifting” of the letter “t”;
Watsap – in this case the letters “t, s” are conjugated in “c”, occurs relatively often;
Watsap – also derived from the combination of the first two letters, is often seen as the correct option, as “wha” can also be read as “oh”.
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In the vastness of the network, most are not surprised how Watsap is spelled correctly, because you will find the most incredible variations of the messenger’s name:

Wots up;
Wat sub;
Wap juice;
All of them are fake and shouldn’t be used in language except in some weird form.


There are hundreds of discussions on the internet about how to correctly say Watsap, Wotsap, or Vosap. By parsing the word and transcribing it, this question could be resolved. So if you want to pronounce the messenger’s name correctly, you should pronounce / write it as WhatsApp.


The WhatsApp messenger has been gaining popularity among users from Russian-speaking countries, which has led to disagreements over the pronunciation of its English-speaking name. It’s time to find out “Vatsap” or “Vatsap” how this word is spelled and pronounced correctly.

Origin of the WhatsApp name

Before answering the question of how to write WhatsApp, you need to refer to the original source. The developers do not hide that the well-known expression What’s Up was taken as the basis, which means in Russian: “How are you?By slightly redesigning the structure, they managed to create a version of WhatsApp of the same name that sounds like the original and has a similar meaning. This marketing move allowed the brand names to be promoted quickly, especially among the English-speaking population.

Such a word was not used in English until the messenger appeared. In this context, it can be interpreted as a call for simple communication via a mobile phone, without spending money as in a personal meeting.

Interesting fact! The second part of the Messenger’s name, “App”, is an abbreviation for the word “Application”, which can be translated as “Application” or “Program” in Russian.

Correct pronunciation of the word WhatsApp

Definition problem “Vatsap” or “Vatsap” proceeded from the users themselves who managed to find several interesting names in Russian at the same time:

The option that is closest to the original is the option “How are you”, This often skips between users and leads to a violent rejection due to an unsonic letter “About”.
“Vatsap” was formed by ignoring the letter “T” or add a whole tone. After a while, it became a derivative “Wasap”, what is considered the most flawed.
The most popular and part-time correct choice is “Vatsap”, with the ability to add an extra letter to the word “P”. Not only does it refer to the original source, it copies it in full.

If the user has the option to write the name of the Messenger in Cyrillic, the last of the options shown should be used. The reason for this is transliteration, which uses a name that comes as close as possible to its English-speaking counterpart.

The most common mistake is the deformation of the letter combination. “Ts”, become less sonorous “C”. Let the second option also have a right to exist, but to appear correctly in front of people you should use the correct spelling of the word, as in the English WhatsApp, i.e. – “Vatsap”.

The amalgamation of sounds can be ignored and pronounced as “Vatsap” in oral speech, which is better in personal correspondence or in group chat.

The emergence of new English-language names often creates controversy over correct pronunciation. Regarding how WhatsApp is spelled correctly, No further questions should arise as the comprehensive answer is given above. WhatsApp free download on your phone on our website.


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