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Despite the fact that WhatsApp is a very wonderful messenger itself, many people lack the standard features and are therefore very interested in all kinds of unofficial add-ons for Whatsapp. You can pipe the query into a search engine: WhatsApp Hack – Wattsap Hacks and Secrets, and a pretty decent list of add-ons and secrets for WhatsApp.


Program hacks are cracked applications whose add-ons were written by third-party programmers. There are a number of similar add-ons for WhatsApp as well. Note, however, that none of these are welcomed or endorsed by the official developers. The user installs them at their own risk.

These include, for example:

WhatsApp Plus. Perhaps one of the most famous hacks. You can paint dialogues with new colors to make them more attractive.
OG WhatsApp. An interesting addition that allows you to use two phone numbers on one smartphone at the same time.
WhatsApp hack. According to the developers, this application can hack other people’s accounts and freely access other people’s correspondence.

WhatsApp is not supported on your Android device

Secrets of WhatsApp

The messenger also has several features that are not that obvious to the average user.

For example, if you install the Messenger and Chat Lock application, you can “lock” WhatsApp with a PIN code.
You can turn off or turn on sound notifications when you receive messages in WhatsApp. This is done by navigating through the menu items: Settings – Notifications.
For example, you can change your WhatsApp number to a new one if you lose your old one. To do this, go to the following points: Settings – Account – Change number. Next, you need to enter the old number for confirmation and then dial a new one.

How do calls work in WhatsApp Messenger?

As you know, WhatsApp is limited to 15MB. You can work around this by installing the Cloud Send app.
For particularly important chats, you can create a shortcut for quick access. To do this, press and hold a contact or chat and then select “Create link” in the menu that appears.
To avoid a memory overflow due to automatic saving of files, you can deactivate automatic saving in WhatsApp. To do this, first go through the menu items Settings – Security – Photos and set the slider for the automatic download to OFF. This works on iOS. For Android, you need to download a file manager and then open a folder with photos. Then a file is created and named as .nomedia.

This will allow you to disable the messenger itself from scanning the folder of photos.


Whatsapp hack is an unofficial version of Messenger that allows you to completely exchange not only text messages, but also various multimedia content as well as images and photos. WhatsApp xtract The download is for those who want to spy on other users without realizing it. Thanks to such a product, you can access highly confidential information. However, it is important to know that the developers of the Watsap application are actively working to protect user data and find new ways of virtual defense.

How to Download and Install WhatsApp Hack

This application is suitable not only for attempts to obtain confidential information, but also for restoring access to your own Vatsap Messenger account in the event of loss of the SIM card. In order to download and install the WhatsApp hack on your own smartphone or portable device, the following factors need to be considered:

The mobile phone must be running on Android platform version 3.0 or higher.
To install this application, you will need access to the Internet and 10 megabytes of free space on the phone’s flash drive.
The installation file must be downloaded from a trusted and trusted source.
After the installation process has finished, you need to wait for the automatic synchronization.

Thanks to this unofficial analog of the famous WhatsApp messenger, not only can you Recover your own accountt, but also get access to fairly confidential information about other users. Despite the fact that such software is very unstable, anyone can try their hand at espionage.


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