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WhatsApp groups – Chats where users with similar interests can interact with each other. The modern pace of life does not allow you to meet with friends on a regular basis. Thanks to the ability to create a group in WhatsApp, you can always arrange “virtual meetings” with loved ones.

Group search

To find a community, you can use any search engine with the line “* Subject of interest * WhatsApp groupThe search engine will return resources containing lists of groups. Once you’ve found “your” chat, all you have to do is join.

There are also websites that contain generated lists of communities with invitations or contacts from administrators. You can learn about similar websites by clicking on the links https://whatsism.com/whatsapp-group/list/ or https://wassaper.com/spisok-grupp-whatsapp/.

2 ways to join a WhatsApp group

You can join active groups in Watsap via:

Status for WhatsApp – status with meaning
Telephone number;

Once added to chat, pictures, messages and documents can be sent.

Joining via telephone number

To join a community using a phone number:

Find the WhatsApp group admin number.
Add it to your contact list (so you can find it later on WhatsApp).

Send a similar message to the moderator «Hello! Add me to the chat!“.

Expect to be added to the community.
Note. Usually joining a group is quick as administrators are interested in finding new interlocutors and developing their chat. There are also closed groups that are more difficult to enter.

Administrators often voluntarily leave their contacts and links to WhatsApp groups in popular forums. Then those who want to send him an application to join the community. This creates popular user groups with similar interests.

Join by invitation

You can also join the community after receiving an invitation. You need to:

Open a letter or message with a link (which will be added to the chat).
After clicking the link, Whatsapp will launch and a pop-up window will appear.
“”Get to know»With the Watsap group: At the top of the window you can see the name of the community and below the name of the creator. In the chapter “Attendees»The users in the chat are easy to see.

Press the green button “Join the group“.

Invitation to add is very popular and does not require confirmation from a community moderator. It is not difficult to participate in the chat. No special skills are required for the process. Everyone can find their community of interests. Chats for jokes, music, learning, and dating are created daily.


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