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WhatsApp rightly occupies one of the leading positions in the messenger market. You can download Vatsap to your computer via torrent or from the official website.

In any case, the user receives:

The ability to communicate with short instant messages;

Ability to exchange graphic, audio and video files;
Communicate in a single chat mode as well as in a group.
It used to be possible to use WhatsApp for free for a year, but since January 18, 2016, the developers have canceled the subscription fee altogether.
Change themes. In addition, you can assign a separate background image for each chat so that chats can hardly be confused.

How to download from torrent?

In order to download torrent files successfully, you need to install a special torrent client. It is he who allows the user to download the torrent file first and then directly download the application itself. In this case the following options are possible:

Can I restore the Watsapp app?

Download the APK file for your mobile device.
Download the apk file using the Android emulator for Windows.

Download the APK file for your mobile device

Almost all major torrent sites have sections where you can download applications for mobile devices. Then the apk archive will be copied to your phone or tablet and installed in the traditional way like any other mobile application. It should be noted that when downloading files from a torrent, you need to be careful: there is a risk of malicious software being placed on the device.

Download the apk archive complete with the emulator

Often times, some mobile files include some kind of Android emulator for Windows for convenience for users. Thanks to this, you can run a mobile application on a PC running Windows. Sometimes the application is already built into the emulator, sometimes a separate installation is required.

WhatsApp Web – free download for Android phone

In addition to the advantages of WhatsApp already listed above, there is an additional advantage in the possibility of running WhatsApp, which was originally intended for mobile devices, on a personal computer.

In contrast to the browser version of WhatsApp, a pre-installed version is not required on a mobile phone. You can either create a new account as if it were done on a mobile device or sign in from an existing account.


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