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If you are a fan of the free WhatsApp Messenger for Smartphones, you probably have the idea at times that it would be nice to have the application on your desktop computer. Better to install Watcap anywhere – on all of your phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. Such an expansion of the sphere of influence will enable us to reach as many friends, acquaintances and relatives as possible and to establish the freest possible communication. Give up expensive cellular communication and use the free Internet telephony.

How to install Watsap on a stationary computer

Here, go to the WhatsApp official website and click the Download Now button. But it wasn’t there. The system answers you almost humanly that your computer is not supported by the service. It’s such bad luck. What is it – only for smartphone users who receive such relief and exemption from paying taxes in favor of cell phone operators? In fact, WhatsApp is a pure smartphone application. And it won’t even work on tablets.

How to send YouTube videos to WhatsApp

How to download and install watsap free for a computer

And ingenuity for what is given to a reasonable person? To find clever ways to get around the impossible and achieve what you want.

In fire fighting it is called “bypass”, translated from English “bypass”.

To install a mobile application for Android on a desktop computer, you need to create a virtual Android on your desktop.
Download a free Android emulator from one of the soft portals BlueStacks and install. The installation is normal.
Now launch Blustax and a user interface will open in front of you through which you can easily install all of the mobile applications from Google Play on your Windows.
Hopefully you already have a Google Account – an email address. This is the key to accessing the treasures of the Android Google Play App Store.
If you’re used to using Mail.ru email – just go through Gmail registration – it’s free too.
How to leave a WhatsApp group – beginner instructions

The best way to have Whatsapp run on a computer is through a serviceWhatsApp online

It’s so nice when everything is high quality and free. For this you need WhatsApp on all devices. After installing the emulator, go to Google Play and download WhatsApp from there. The installation process is the same as for a smartphone. Now you need to link your WhatsApp account to your computer watsap. Browse through your smartphone’s SMS client and look for messages from the WhatsApp service. So there should be a secret code that you can use to register the messenger on your computer. Register and enjoy the freebies.


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