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Follow our easy instruction and install the official version of WhatsApp on your WHATSAPP COMPUTER DOES NOT OPEN A WHITE SCREEN ERROR


If the user sees a white screen instead of the usual UI when launching WhatsApp on a computer, it could be for several reasons. To understand which one and how to eliminate the malfunction, a small instruction will help.

Reason 1. System failure.

Not a single user is insured against system errors in programs and in device operation. If you see a white screen in front of the boot image when opening WhatsApp on a computer, this may be the problem. You can fix the problem yourself. To do this, you need to restart WhatsApp first. If that doesn’t help, the computer itself.

If the messenger is not closed, it can be forcibly stopped via the task manager Ctrl-Alt-Del.

Reason 2. incompatibility.

Program incompatibility issues are common in Windows 7. In this case, WhatsApp will be installed on the computer but not started. Simple steps will help you to eliminate the error:

Video status for WhatsApp – download and install
Open the path where the main file is located.

Find the folder with the latest changes (the file name must start with the word – app).
You have to right-click on the program icon with the extension – exe and go to the properties.
Activate the check box in the Compatibility mode line.

After following all the steps the problem will go away and when you start WhatsApp on the computer the white screen will no longer appear

Reason 3. Lack of additional software

For WhatsApp to work properly, NetFramework and Microsoft Visual C ++ must be installed on your computer. Packages are not included in the application installation file as this would add significant weight.

If WhatsApp does not open on your computer and the white screen replaces the usual menu, then you should look for packages on the device and, if necessary, download them from the official Microsoft website.

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Reason 4. Error during installation

Before starting WhatsApp on your device, you need to download the installation package. Often times, users neglect basic internet security rules and download installers from unverified sources. Such files can be corrupt and cause problems opening the application.

It also happens that during the download process, the internet is interrupted and the file does not download completely. Because of this, the program will stop working or errors will occur in the future.

Removing WhatsApp and installing a new package from the developers’ official website will help solve the problem

The above reasons and troubleshooting options will help anyone enjoy all of the popular Messenger’s features without the fear of seeing a white screen.

After installing Messenger on a computer, users may encounter a problem if WhatsApp on the computer does not open and shows a white screen. What is the reason for such an error and how can it be fixed? Follow our instructions and you should be able to restart the software on your PC.

Why is WhatsApp not working? There are several reasons for this, and for each of them there is an algorithm of action.

Causes and their elimination

You have started Messenger and a white or black screen appears when it starts. What influences the operation of the software? Technical error: mostly related to random system crashes on the PC or in WhatsApp

First, you need to try restarting the software:

Close the white screen, Call up the command by clicking the icon of the open software in the system tray.
Click again by label on the desktop (or via the “Start” menu) and activate the start.
When the program starts, use it. If not, move on to the next possible reason.

Incompatibility: Automatic updates of the operating system of the computer or of the messenger itself often lead to a violation of the compatibility. To restore performance, we will do the following:

right mousekey Click the WhatsApp shortcut and go to the location of the file in the drop-down list.
We enter along the location path Installation folder.

Of all the packages, it is important to choose the newest one with a name like App-0.3.9014(see modification date).

In the package you need to find the exe file and right click on it by clicking “characteristics“.

In the task menu look for the insertion “compatibility“.
In this insert the condition must be set – start in compatible mode.
On this tab, select Service Pack 2 (Windows Vista and higher).
Don’t forget to put a dawn here “run as admin“.

We save the changes.
We go to the exe package and install the shortcut of the updated program on the desktop (it is better to remove the old one in advance).
We start the messenger.

Wrong installation package: Downloading WhatsApp from unverified sources can cause interruptions. In this case, you need to remove and reinstall the software:

We enter Program menu (via “Start”).
We activate Deletion.
On the official website “Vatsap” we find the most last version Software and activate the download.
Install and run the program (preferably as an administrator).
We will re-register (if desired).
If necessary, we restart the PC.

Video adapter: Another reason for incorrect operation during installation can be the settings of the video adapter:

We start the control menu.
vocation Device manager.
We find “Video adapter“And its properties.

We are looking for “driver“And activate the update process.

We restart the PC and the messenger.
Now that you know what to do when WhatsApp shows a white screen on your computer. Use our instructions and be always online


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