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Whatsapp com download is definitely worth the owners of modern operating system cell phones Android and IOS. With this messenger you can exchange information with millions of other subscribers from all over the world. Today WhatsApp is one of the most common uses for comfortable communication. The main advantages include the possibility of free use and the lack of a monthly fee for a whole year.

Features of WhatsApp for mobile phones

You can use this messenger to write text messages to relatives and friends. A practical chat is provided for business communication with colleagues at work and in business, which offers excellent data protection and does not reveal any confidential information. An SMS sent from Russia to another country is not cheap. You can exchange text information with all users absolutely free of charge via WhatsApp Messenger.

In addition, this application has the following special features:

WhatsApp Messenger has excellent syncing. This means that all contacts are automatically copied directly from the phone book after the application has been installed.
Using WhatsApp Messenger can significantly reduce the cost of communicating with friends and family.
There is no need to create and save complex logins and passwords to install and use this application. WhatsApp uses the cell phone number directly to identify the user, making it virtually impossible to hack the program.

Even if the user has switched off their mobile phone and has not been on the network for a period of time, all messages and transmitted audio and video files will be delivered to the subscriber after they have switched on their own portable device again.

How to download WhatsApp on a mobile phone

First you need to go to the official store Game market or Appstore (depending on the phone’s operating system) and download the installation file https WhatsApp com dl. You can use any other trustworthy and reliable resource.
After the file is downloaded, you need to start the installation process with a double tap and wait for the process to complete.
The Watsap application is installed automatically and synchronizes all phone book entries without the direct involvement of the user.

You do not need to enter a username or password to use the Vatsap application. For a whole year, every new subscriber can send text messages, make calls and share multimedia content with a large audience of users of this modern messenger without restrictions. Exactly 12 months after installation, the monthly subscription fee is only $ 1 per year.


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