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WhatsApp business – Request for communication with text and voice messages. It doesn’t need to be introduced as there are over 1 billion active users. Even if it doesn’t develop as quickly as many new messengers, the developers are constantly updating and adding to it, which keeps the old audience in place.

WhatsApp – Messenger for companies

Not so long ago, users assumed that the campaign would communicate with customers through chats. Now this method of communication is familiar to common users and businesses. For this reason, WhatsApp has developed a personal analog for business – WhatsApp for business. It has many features that facilitate two-way communication and adapt users to their work context.

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Entrepreneurs can use the application for free to increase their communication productivity. In addition, it can be used on a mobile device even if the work and cell phone numbers are different. This allows you to separate your personal and business profiles.

Special features and functions of WhatsApp

User in Whatsapp Companies have the same functions as in the standard application, but there are also additional functions:

Create a business account where customers can view all the information they need: location, contacts, website address;
CO lines are supported. You can register a landline phone without using a mobile phone.
You can set up an autoresponder for greetings or absences during the first call.
“Messenger” and “Business” are synchronized on one device.
Can be used Whatsapp network, work with a PC or browser.

Customers and companies who upload the APK to set up a company profile are offered versions with the same interface and system. Now you can quickly communicate with anyone on the list.

Thanks to WhatsApp Business, you can solve customer problems, manage products and orders, and carry out many other business activities much faster and more carefully. You can download it for free from the official website.


Messenger “Vatsap” has developed a separate version with which entrepreneurs and business people can communicate with customers and partners. What are the differences between WhatsApp Business and the standard version and how can I download the version? See detailed instructions below.

Differences “Vatsap business”

Watsap for Business offers an extended profile that can be filled out on behalf of the company. The advantages of this software option:

extended profile – You can specify the industry, name and responsible personnel.
Business account allowed Generate message templates To send informational messages, prepare quick answers to frequently asked questions.
available and automatic reply function, when the line is occupied or the company has a day off;
Account can havesee other organizations, Who can become a customer or a supplier?
Business account won’t disagree with personal If installed on the same device (but you will need two different phone numbers).
Important! WhatsApp for Business is only available for Android systems. This software does not work on iPhones yet

Download the business version

You can download and install the enterprise version from the Vatsap official website or from trusted mobile stores – Google Market.

The download and installation process takes minutes and consists of the following steps:

We go to the store or to the website.
We find the corporate variant by name: WhatsApp business, Then click on Download.

We finish the installation and start.

We attach the phone number and confirm it by SMS.

We enter the account details: we give the name and all the details in detail and accurately.
We complete and open the messenger for use.

Everything! Your company is now in the networks. With the help of the Vatsap business version, you can expand your network of customers and partners significantly.

Download the WhatsApp Business version

Download from the official website on Android


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