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Windows and Mac OS users feel a little marginalized: the popular WhatsApp messenger isn’t available on either platform. The developers mainly focused their descendants on mobile systems. PC owners also want to be able to have WhatsApp for Mac or Windows. Fortunately, there are ways out of the problem. But first you need to have a clear idea that there is no official version for PCs in nature.


Thanks to the efforts of enthusiasts, Mac OS users can now also use WhatsApp. An unofficial client called WhatsMac has been released. However, as with the online version, there is the problem of scanning the QR code from the computer screen. To do this, you first need a pre-installed WhatsApp application on your phone. Second, the iOS application simply cannot.

There can be two ways out:

Use the Android version of WhatsApp and scan the code with it.
Use jailbroken iOS.

However, WhatsMac only allows you to exchange messages and audio and video files. This is usually sufficient in most cases.

AirDroid 3

As with Windows, WhatsApp for Mac OS can be implemented using an Android OS emulator. For the Apple system, one such emulator is AirDroid 3. It allows you to run most mobile applications on Mac OS. First of all, of course, you need to download the emulator yourself and install it on your computer’s hard drive. Usually the installation process is normal and without complications. Then you should download the mobile version of WhatsApp. If the emulator has not linked to the apk file, you can start WhatsApp for installation using the “Open” function in the emulator. Installation is complete in a few minutes – and you can use WhatsApp just as if it were installed on your phone.

Download Whatsapp for Mac OS for free


Windows users will surely appreciate the famous BlueStacks emulator. In fact, there is also a macOS version. Working with it is no different from working in the Windows environment, except that to download WhatsApp, the transition does not have to be made to the Google Play Store but to the App Store. So Yabloko can also use WhatsApp on his computers.


Apple computer owners will be interested to know that there is WhatsApp for macOS that can be used in conjunction with the mobile version. There is also a browser version of this messenger and no installation is required to work with it.

The program reliably protects correspondence, conversations and file sharing: documents, videos and images. Once received, the information is only stored on the end devices.

The functionality of WhatsApp for macOS is slightly different from the mobile version. It offers all the basic messaging and end-to-end encryption functions. Let’s analyze the installation “”Whatsapp“” on “”MacBook“” and its activation.

Install WhatsApp on Mac

An activated Messenger with Mac OS X 10.9 or later must be installed on your smartphone and PC for the installation:

The messenger is also available on “”Poppy“” Download from the App Store.
From the menu on the program website, select “”Download“” and download the file in the zip archive.
Open the file and install the app. The installer will prompt you to add WhatsApp for Mac OS to the dock.
After starting, the program will ask you to scan the QR code with your smartphone. After this operation “”Watsap“” ready for work.
Download Whatsapp for MAC OS

“”Watsap“” runs in a browser for a computer running macOS. As in the previous case, you need one activated “”Watsap“” on the phone.

Start “WhatsApp” in the browser

We figured out how to install WhatsApp on the PC Apple. Today it is one of the modern day safe messengers widely used all over the world. However, it is optimized for phones and works with it “”Quirk“” not entirely comfortable. Hopefully the situation will change for the better over time.

One small difference between the desktop and mobile versions is that the latter can save and restore message history on the server. Also, the PC version cannot be the major version, which means it cannot be activated without a phone. The same applies to the browser version.

The macOS program has a number of functions. For example, your phone needs to be connected to the Internet at all times, as the server will check from time to time whether you are using the web version.

This is for additional security, but makes it difficult to use. At the same time, other instant messengers are installed on a PC that do not experience these problems. Therefore, “Watsap” for macOS has a low rating in the App Store.

Follow the link in the menu on the program website WhatsApp for the web.

Scan the QR code displayed on the PC screen with your smartphone. To do this, select on the iPhone “The settings” – WhatsApp Web and use the scanner.


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