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Before downloading the messenger to your device, you need to find out about WhatsApp ratings. With an audience of over 1 billion people, there are so many opinions about his work.

Positive feedback on WhatsApp

Much has been said about the application, but when we summarize all the positive WhatsApp reviews about the application, it is worth explaining why there are benefits to using WhatsApp:

If your internet tariff is big enough (or even better – unlimited) and you love communicating with other people but don’t like social networks;
If you have to call or write often abroad. The advantages of the messenger are maximized. Using Vatsap for local calls with high traffic consumption becomes irrelevant.
If your plan includes paid MMS and the user wants to send photos and videos;
If the tariff does not contain protocols for other operators and among friends and acquaintances these subscribers are the majority.

WhatsApp for Apple Watch – how to install

Why I like Watsap Web:

Simple and pleasant design in Russian. Everything is very simple and concrete;
In contrast to Skype and other programs, you don’t have to create logins or remember passwords. The application is tied to a number that is only given once during registration.
Does not take up much space and does not “eat” the battery.
I have relatives in different European countries. Thanks to Watsap, I save a lot of communication with them compared to traditional methods

Negative feedback on WhatsApp

Friends kept leaving me reviews about Vatsap, supposedly downloading it – the program is cool! I gave in to suggestions and installed them on my phone. I still don’t understand what’s convenient here. I have Google Talk and Meil ​​Agent which help me communicate calmly with friends and family and only with those I want to.

How do I completely remove WhatsApp application from the phone?

The program is linked to a telephone number. That’s good, of course, but everyone in my address book immediately comes into Viber’s contacts and I appear on them too. And I don’t want everyone in my contacts to be able to write to me whenever they want.

To be able to work with WhatsApp you have to be online all the time. This is impractical. As for me, you can use any application for correspondence, you still have to connect them. What free SMS are we talking about if they cannot be sent without internet?

Of course to everyone who has come up with something Download WhatsApp, It will be interesting and what there are, in fact, reviews about WhatsApp. Well, you can offer to get to know some of them.

Reviews about WhatsApp from real users

Here are just a few of those reviews:

User Olga. The program is easy to use. You can probably use it for something else, but I’m just texting for now. Apparently you can still call there but I haven’t tried.
User Ptichka. Since my phone is far from a year away, there are practically no new programs installed on it. But when I heard about Watsap, I decided to give it a try. And not only did it install, it works! Although one of the flaws I can find is that all of the phone numbers here are in the public domain;
User Bellmaryyy. I used Skype for video calls. But only recently my beloved WhatsApp started doing it. So I’ll never part with him now;
User Vendetta. All of my devices have watsap. And without him I can’t exist at all. Someone is always writing, you can talk to someone. And of course, it’s good news that this program is now free. Though a dollar a year ago was ridiculous, but still … Big respect to the developers!
User Sofi_Yaa. I use it myself and I recommend it to everyone. If only because you can save significantly on SMS and calls. After all, you can call and correspond here free of charge. Yes, and send pictures.

For example, you can read and leave reviews of WhatsApp in stores Google play or iOS. There are also a significant number of dedicated websites that anyone can read and post their reviews on. For example, as a Russian-language resource, you can offer many well-known ones Otzovik.


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