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The WhatsApp API is designed for entrepreneurs who use Messenger to communicate with customers around the world. Thanks to an effective security system, business people do not have to worry about the confidentiality of their correspondence.

WhaftsApp API functions

Of the main features of the program, it is worth noting:

Creation of an individual profile.

The user can add information about the company to the account: the company’s address, a description of the services provided, and the methods of communication.

Sending mass mailings.

Thanks to the integrated filter, you can not only write in the chat, but also create a newsletter for several people.

Computer version.

If necessary, the user can install the desktop version of the WhatsApp API on the computer. So you can communicate in the program without a mobile phone.

Data analysis.
Update Messenger WhatsApp – download and install

With the statistics system you can calculate how many messages were sent, received and how many inquiries were answered.

Binding of landline numbers.
In addition to linking a mobile phone to your WhatsApp web API account, you can also link a company landline number. To use the WatsAp for Business program, an entrepreneur must go through a special registration process and download the application onto the device

Getting started with the WhatsApp API

For those who don’t know how to install the WhatsApp API, there are detailed instructions on the official website. The whole process does not take much time and is similar to the usual process of downloading programs. The user needs to find the application in the store and download it to the device. After the first start you have to log into the system in order to get access to your personal account.

How to hack WhatsApp Messenger

Registration in the WhatsApp API:

Registration for the resource is done through the official website Facebook business.

In the questionnaire, a businessman must provide: the name of the company, the website, his first and last name, his email address and his telephone number.
After examining the application, a decision is made as to whether the status is assigned to the account.

Only verified clients can use all functions of WatsAp for companies.


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