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Today everyone on the Internet is only talking about WhatsApp and asking each other where to download the version of the application for a computer and a tablet. If you are new to this messenger, you will likely have a question: what is WhatsApp and what features does the service offer?

WhatsApp is one of the most successful internet communication projects. The multifunctional free video calling service is an alternative to Skype.

What is WhatsApp and how does it work?

A cell phone is great and practical, but very expensive. Especially if you are an active user, you send text messages frequently and want to have long conversations with your friends. So WhatsApp is the philosopher’s stone that resets your phone bills. WhatsApp is an application for smartphones of all popular models with which you can use the free internet connection.

How to clear WhatsApp status

Poison SMS.
Chat with up to 50 people at the same time.
Send files, share photos and videos.
Assign status to your account.

How to use WhatsApp on a smartphone

Open the App Store on your mobile device and search for WhatsApp. After the installation, the program connects to your phone book and sends all contacts to the server. After that, the WhatsApp application will automatically register your account using the phone number and you can use the messenger immediately. If you don’t have an app store on your smartphone, which is surprising in itself, you should visit the WhatsApp website and download the app from there.

How can you read other people’s correspondence in Watsap?

Download Whatsapp on your phone for free

The first year of service is free for owners of Android devices. Then there was a subscription fee of $ 0.99 per year. There is only one essential requirement for the free use of the series. Your contacts must have smartphones of all models with WhatsApp Messenger installed.

Surely many have heard of a program like WhatsApp. At the same time, not everyone probably understands What is WhatsApp and how do you use it?… WhatsApp is a completely free mobile application that allows you to keep in touch with your friends at all times.

After all Whatsapp Downloads in the background and receives messages as soon as the participant appears on the network. With WhatsApp you can:

Send text messages and insert emoticons.
Insert audio, video, and graphic files into messages;
make free voice calls to another participant;
Record voice messages and instantly send them to another user;
Communication in both individual and group chat;
Organize interest groups as well as collective mailing.

Answer to the question: Watsap what is it and how to use it, It is impossible not to describe the main functions of this program.

How to create and delete a chat

The WhatsApp chat is created automatically when you click on the username in the contact list. To create a group chat, go to the “Chats” section and select the “New Group” entry. To delete a chat with a user, you need to open that chat, click on the service button in the form of three dots and go through the dots: “More – delete chat”. To delete a group chat, you must first remove all members of the group from the group and leave yourself. After that, long press the group header and select the button “Clear”. It is important to note that once the correspondence has been deleted, it will be impossible to recover it unless it has been archived.

How to call a user

To call a user, you need to open a chat with that user and click on the button in the form of a telephone receiver at the top of the screen.

How to send files

Send over Whatsapp In this or that file in the chat window, click the button in the form of a paper clip at the top of the screen. A selection menu opens from which you want to download the file. It is also possible to take a photo with the device’s camera.

How to send a voice message

Answering the question, How to use WhatsApp on your phone, one cannot miss such a function as voice messaging. You can record a voice message and send it to any user. This can be useful, for example, as a kind of answering machine. To send a message, click the microphone icon while in chat mode with that user, then click the record button. Once the message has been recorded, you must click the Stop button and send the message.

How to change your avatar

To change your profile avatar, you must WhatsApp menu Select the “Settings” entry and double-click the profile photo. A window opens with a suggestion where the avatar should be downloaded.

How to delete an account in WhatsApp

Finally, WhatsApp allows the user to delete their own account. To do this, go to the main menu of the Messenger and go through the points: Settings – Account – Delete Account. The telephone number given during registration will receive a confirmation SMS with a numeric code. After entering the code, you will have to agree to delete the account again. However, please note that once deleted, your account cannot be restored.

You can talk for a long time What is WhatsApp and how do you use it?, But it is better to download this wonderful program yourself and communicate with your friends. That’s right: it’s better to see once.


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