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If you are a fan of free Internet Messenger Vatsap, Maybe sometimes it would be interesting to know, but how is WhatsApp translated into Russian? To understand the real meaning of the name of your favorite brand, you need to sit back a little and learn in more detail the history of how this wonderful service was created.

How WhatsApp is translated

The brand name shouldn’t have any meaningful meaning at all. It is important that the name is easy to remember and that it sounds nice. Do you remember the Beatles? Sounds bright and immediately impressed in memory. It is believed that the Beatles are derived from the English word “beetle”, which has only been slightly modified. The Beetles became the Beatles, and what’s going on? converted to WhatsApp.

How to send a photo via WhatsApp from your phone

It sounds similar, but the meaning is completely different.

What’s up – “How are you?”
WhatsApp – “What is this app?”

In fact, there is no WhatsApp translation into Russian – this is the name of a popular brand and that’s it. Where did the idea for this messenger name come from? The founder of the WhatsApp project Ian Kum, who comes from the former Soviet Union, trained in the gym by the way. Improved health. And suddenly he got a call from work asking to be at the office urgently. Ian Kum began to deny – yes, I’m under the barbell that’s on the simulator right now and you’re calling at the wrong time. By the way, a new version of Whatsapp for the tablet has been released. You can install it and download it from our website.

Installation and use of Watsapp on the PC

From this inconspicuous case, the idea arose to monitor the status of the participant. With the help of WhatsApp messenger you always know whether your contact is available or not, they want to chat now or it is better to wait a little. So there is no need to translate WhatsApp into Russian into Russian. Just enjoy the comfortable communication and don’t forget to send your loved ones a message: “How are you? All right? ”It’s more useful than understanding acronyms and abbreviations.

It should be immediately noted that the word WhatsApp translation into Russian not in its “pure” form. However, many have certainly heard of such an application, and there are those who use it every day for communication. After all, this program has become a real record holder in the number of downloads around the world. The number of messages sent through the service every day has long been measured in billions! At the same time, users have certainly thought about it more than once How WhatsApp is translated

The name of the application consists of two words: the expressions “What`s up” and “Applcation”. The first means “how are you” or “what happened, what is new”. It also matches the name of the application itself. The second word is translated as “application”.

Hence at WhatsApp translation in Russian, the ear will definitely cut: English is more associative and abstract in this regard. It can roughly be translated as “An application that finds out how you are doing.” Of course, there’s still a pun in English here.

WhatsApp is a wonderful messenger from all sides, with which you:

communicate in text mode in a one-to-one or group chat;
calling with voice calls. Of course, all subscribers must have this messenger installed, and all calls are absolutely free.
Share video, audio and pictures.

Whatsapp can safely be described as a mobile cross-platform application, as it can be executed on almost all common mobile operating systems. There is also a browser version of Messenger. But in general it plays a big role How WhatsApp is translated. The main thing is that this messenger can really bring people together, even sometimes on different continents …


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