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WhatsApp is known as an excellent means of communication. But the beginner is sometimes confused, for example, the question: what does a tick in WhatsApp mean? And two? In fact, there is nothing complicated about them.

They are displayed next to a message that has already been sent. So there are several options for checkboxes:

A gray;

Two gray;
Two blue.

First choice

If the sender sees a gray check mark next to their message, it means that the message was successfully sent from the phone but has not yet been delivered to the other person’s device. This can happen, for example, if the participant’s phone is turned off or the participant has problems with the Internet. You just have to wait – and then WhatsApp will show two check marks. However, it is possible that the user simply blocked you or did not download the application. For iPhone users, a message may have been received but it has not yet been read. In either case, you just have to be patient. This does not mean that there are problems on the sending side.

Images for the status in WhatsApp – free download

Second option

The message was successfully sent to the other party’s phone but has not yet been read by him. For a group chat, this means that the message has been delivered to all chat participants. But not everyone has read it yet.

Third option

Finally, the friendliest sign is when the subscriber sees a double blue tick next to their message. This indicates that the letter was not only successfully delivered, but also read by the subscriber. The group chat also signals that the message has been read by all chat participants. As you can see, there is absolutely nothing complicated and mysterious about these seemingly mysterious check boxes.


After the WhatsApp user has sent an urgent message to the interlocutor, he looks forward to a response. In the meantime, this response is generated, the messenger can display useful information about the status of the mail carrier, read, pending. Such statuses are often indicated with special symbols, e.g. B. “Birds”. Where are such symbols, a tick in WhatsApp, what does it mean and what color can they be? This review is dedicated to this topic.

Check mark in WhatsApp

You should start with the fact that each stage of sending and processing a message has a specific icon. Where do these icons appear? Next to each message sent, special characters are placed on the right after the time display. When the status changes, the format of the icon also changes.


The user opened Watsap and started typing. When done, the mail will be sent to the recipients on the feed. The mail that is in departure is indicated by a small clock face. This means that the message has not yet reached the addressee and has therefore not been saved on the WhatsApp server. It is not recommended to exit the software or disconnect.


What do birds mean in WhatsApp? The software informs about the departure of the message with a gray individual mark. The data is recorded by the messenger server. Now you can safely exit the chat and even turn off the network. The subscriber will definitely receive the message, but on condition that their connection is stable.


In WhatsApp, there were two marks next to the text or image, which means that the message has been delivered to the subscriber. Double jackdaws should be grayed out. The subscriber can see it in their feed. If the network is not connected, the message will be loaded immediately after the connection is established.


So the next stage of processing is reading. As soon as the recipient enters the messenger and opens the chat in which the post was received, double jackdaws in front of the message on the sender’s phone change color from gray to blue. Now you can be sure that important information has been transmitted to the interlocutor and that he has displayed it.

Message read in WhatsAppIn short, these are all possible symbolic parameters for relaying messages between interlocutors in WhatsApp. Knowing what the ticks in WhatsApp next to Messages mean, you can easily manage your correspondence and control important data.


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