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Maybe there is nothing better than receiving congratulations from someone you love on your birthday. Therefore, instant messenger and social network users regularly search the Internet for ready-made congratulations or puzzles about writing their own. There are ready-made congratulations for Watsap on his birthday. In addition, you can download both pictures (postcards) and video greetings and send them to a loved one. Below are some examples of birthday greetings.

Greetings examples for WhatsApp

Happy Birthday! In addition to the standard wishes – happiness, health and all the best – I wish that all dreams will come true, that every day will bring a lot of pleasant surprises, that you will be surrounded only by kind and necessary people. And luck too. Happiness in everything and always. And so that every started business ends successfully!
I congratulate you on your birthday! I would like to wish you more vivid emotions and unforgettable impressions. To get dizzy with love and the earth to disappear under your feet with happiness. So that you will always be warmed by the warm words of your loved ones and relatives, so that the shadow of disappointment never touches your heart. You have more smiles and positive emotions in your life. Live, dream, love, shine, enjoy, be amazed. Real female happiness for you!

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Happy Birthday! I wish you and all of your family and friends health, joy, fun, prosperity and health. And also many smiles, confidence in the future, success and great, immense, daily and high quality female happiness!
On this wonderful day, I wholeheartedly wish you the fulfillment of all your wishes. May all dreams come true! Let success, joy and inspiration become constant companions. Just get your head spinning with an abundance of joy, energy, and happiness. I wish you will always be surrounded by joyful and sincere smiles from your relatives. Of course, I would also like to wish that you always remain unique and charming. Happy Birthday!
I congratulate you on your birthday! I wish you a lot of joy, inspiration. Forget all the insults and bad weather, I wish prosperity, good luck. Joy and laughter so that they knock on the house more often, and in the heart so that there is no sadness. Unexpected and brightest meetings. Receive gifts from loved ones more often. Coolest plans, great ideas, real goals and successful days, success in life, loyal friends.


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