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Unfortunately, no one is safe from all sorts of mistakes at work, and even in WhatsApp, a download or installation error can happen to anyone at any time. Of course, you shouldn’t panic. And then we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the most common errors and methods for eliminating them.

The most common mistakes in WhatsApp

You can start with perhaps one of the most nasty mistakes – named Error 24. Unfortunately there is no way around this other than factory resetting the phone while there is no …

It can also conflict with third-party task managers better known as Task killer. The fact is that they tightly block Watsap from installing. So the developers recommend that you install first Whatsapp, and then Task Killer. If the task killer has already been installed, you will need to remove it, install WhatsApp, and only then bring the dispatcher back to its place. Another extremely unpleasant, but luckily, rare mistake is WhatsApp error 11. The method for solving it is as follows:

First you need to restart your phone. If it doesn’t help, go ahead;
Now you can try to reset all settings in the application Google play. This is done in the application manager under the elements “Deleting data“And”clear cache“;
If that doesn’t help, you’ll need to reinstall Google Play after removing the old version.
If that doesn’t help, all you need to do is delete your Google Play Store account and create a new one. It rarely happens as the recipes above help most often. But if it did not help, unfortunately only this remains.

Often an error occurs during installation because there is no free space on the device itself. In this case, it is of course recommended to remove everything unnecessary from the device in order to free up free space. The developers recommend at least leaving 100 Mb Memory. In practice, however, this is necessary 1 GB – so that WhatsApp can also save all kinds of files received from other users.

The so-called error 403 shows that there is already a registered copy of WhatsApp on the device. So you have to get rid of it.

Error 101 This can mean that too many applications are installed on the smartphone. You need to remove the less needed programs.

If the application has encountered an error that cannot be solved in any way, you can suggest writing to the technician Customer service User.


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