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How to use the popular messenger How are you, All you have to do is download and install it on your smartphone or tablet. Installation time – no more than 5 minutes, immediately after that the user has access to all functions, including sending messages, audio and without exception Video calls.

If you did everything correctly but the program fails to activate, then you need to find out the error. A frequent question from our portal guests: I cannot install WhatsApp. What should I do? Don’t panic and try to find out what is causing the problem.

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The most common WhatsApp installation errors

Such problems are quickly resolved. The main thing is to determine exactly what led to the installation failure. The instructions for diagnosing the device in our portal will help you with this.

Common WhatsApp installation errors:

Error 24;
insufficient free memory;
Crash in the task manager.

These problems are solved without connecting additional devices, visiting a service center and doing other manipulations.

Important to note! The application can be installed if there is enough free memory in the phone or on the flash card.

The program itself “weighs” a little, but in order to function properly it needs a place where it “unfolds”. Incoming messages stored on the phone also take up memory.

When the decision is made and download Install WhatsApp, It is worth cleaning the device in advance. Various utilities are often used for this purpose, and similar actions are performed manually. Remove programs, audio files, and e-books that have not been used for a long time from your smartphone or storage device. The minimum free space for installing software is 100 MB.

Set up the task manager

Task killers, the dispatchers popular for Android devices, simultaneously help in solving a number of important tasks (configuration of the gadget) and interfere with attempts to install useful software. If your smartphone has such a utility, temporarily disable it, make it inactive, or temporarily wipe it. Don’t download it again until after you’ve used Watsap.

If an error message 24 appears on the display, then everything revolves around the “tail” of com.whatsapp. It is retained on previous failed start attempts, preventing further action. It is completely impossible to erase it without resetting the settings to the factory default.


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