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If you want to find out who exactly the Watsap application belongs to, then this is the UK-based developers who cannot have typical Russian names. Even if they are emigrants who moved to Foggy Albion, it is customary in this country to write their names in Latin transliteration and not use a middle name. Even so, many users were literally stunned by a message that began with the words: “I, Tamara Alexandrovna Fedorova, director of WhatsApp …”. Then there was a text that practically talked about how bad it is for the Russian department in charge of this application and that voluntary donations should be collected from users who want to help.

And although the text seems to be composed in such a way that one can believe, if one reads it carefully, a deceptive scheme is drawn more and more. Indeed, it is because the real developers of the application do not live in poverty, do not close, and do not have enough electricity. Such market participants are usually talked about on business programs, on television channels, and news feeds are full of news that this or that company that owns such and a globally popular application or social network is on the verge of bankruptcy. And what then follows?

Dealing with bankrupt social media and app owners

Such a company can be sold to another owner who sees the future and also has the ability to breathe new life into that company or division if the company is merged or acquired. But users are the last to notice. For them, the application continues to work as before.

A kind of “get-together” with donation campaigns for the benefit of the poor emerges here for customers. And this difference in strategy speaks for itself: only scammers can beg like this!

The second confirmation that users are dealing with criminal elements reads: In addition to the above-mentioned Tamara Aleksandrovna mailing, a certain director of MSN and WhatsApp, Denis Nikolayevich Kopylov, was involved. Wrong of course. It is entirely possible that a person with such passport data exists, but may not even be a user of the application, let alone a director.

If you want to find the real owner of the messenger you have to search under names like Mark Zuckerberg who is the founding father of the social network Facebook.


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