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The user of a popular messenger can be distinguished not only by his nickname, but also by the picture on his profile. And this is not necessarily a personal photo, you can hide it if you want so that instead of unsuccessful selfies, for example, a screensaver appears Whatsapp, Images or avatars that you can download for right there don’t leave your phone or tablet. You can even get a portrait of Cardinal Richelieu or Christine of Savoy if history is your thing.

And if your area of ​​life is sport, you can connect with Vladimir Salnikov, Maria Kiseleva, Cristiano Ronaldo or Elena Vyalbe or Alexei Prokurorov.

Often times, pet owners put photos of their pets on their avatars. And it is not forbidden to do so.

But if you don’t have time to choose a panorama or search for photos, you can use video, for example – Postcards for “Vatsap”. First, they should be forwarded to someone of your interlocutors. However, you cannot use them for their intended purpose, but rather to create your own version of the screensaver.

Where can you download beautiful pictures for free?

In addition to using the messenger tools, you can easily use the features of Google. You just have to go to Google Images, because you can find cool screensavers for “Vatsap”, download them for free and add them to your own profile. Since there are a lot of similar images there and their collection is constantly replenishing, your avatar will still be different from others, and even the interlocutor who does not have very good eyesight will easily recognize you.

But how to download them is already a question of technology:

take a screenshot;
Edit the size of the saved image to match the parameters for WatsApp.
Set the avatar.

It’s pretty simple, and it’s likely that you’ll enjoy creating a profile this way.


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