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Follow our easy instruction and install the official version of WhatsApp on your VIDEOSTATUS FOR WHATSAPP HOW TO DOWNLOAD AND DELIVER


In the latest versions of Vatsap Messenger, users have the option to set a unique video status in their account. It can be used to cheer up friends, share news, show love, or invite you to a new group.

Video status for WhatsApp – download and install

Whatever the user wants to say, by and large, they can record videos and display them publicly.

How to set the video to status

It’s easy to set a video to a status:

First you have to open the area of ​​the same name (on Android it is in the top menu, on iPhone – in the bottom).

Click on the “Lens icon“.

Record a new video or upload a previously recorded video from the device gallery.

It is important to note that video status in WhatsApp is only published for one day like normal posts. After 24 hours, the user needs to record a new video or install an old one

On the Internet you can find beautiful videos in the free access, which are intended for the status of instant messengers. To install such a video, you need to download it to your phone and save it in the gallery. After the manipulations performed, the video becomes available in WatsApp.

How to download videos from WhatsApp status

If a user has recorded a video for a status and wants to watch it after removing it from WhatsApp, they need a file manager. All clips recorded in the program are saved in the folder of the same name in the smartphone file system. From there, they can not only be viewed, but also copied to a computer, shared with friends, and transferred to another social network.

Any video can be used for video status. Even so, you should adhere to the rules of decency and terms of WhatsApp and not post a message that may offend someone or contain any other negative message.


We are used to sharing our emotions on social media. And sometimes ordinary text looks too boring. In order to accurately display your mood and share an event, a new option is used – video status. Where can I find and how do I download videos to / from WhatsApp status? All you have to do is read our detailed instructions.

Where to get finished videos

The option assumes the ability to select a finished video from the smartphone gallery or to put it online immediately before posting. Messenger can format the clip to the desired size. You can download the generated funny clips from the Internet (social networks, Youtube, etc.)

How to save videos from the network:

We go to the selected portal.
We are looking for a video for the status.

Find the symbol “Share that“(Usually bottom right).

Select from the drop-down list “Whatsapp“.

The media file is displayed in the chat thread and can be sent to selected recipients.
The videos are saved in the smartphone folder.
Note! Videos, photos, and gifs stored in the phone’s memory can be sent multiple times and put on the feed

Online preparation

The clip can be created directly in the “WhatsApp” menu. How do you:

We go to the messenger.
In the very bottom corner we find the symbol “status“-“My“.

Press the change button (circle with a plus – top right or in the middle).
On the screen that opens, you can take photos and videos, add doodles and drawings, and take photos.

We carry out actions and save up Changes.
Click the Send button to chat (white arrow layer).
Everything, now everyone can see and rate your mood.
Note! In the same section, you can easily add media files from phone storage

The main characteristic of such posts is their fragility. They automatically disappear from the feed and the history of the Messenger after 24 hours. If you want to save a fun media file in Watsap, it is better to create it separately and save it in the smartphone gallery.

How to save a video from “Vatsap”

There is another option to download videos from the software. However, it works on iPhone devices with the jailbreak option installed:

We bring up the iPhone menu and find Cydia.
Activate the search tab: search.
Enter the value in the search bar: WhatsApp Status Saver.
This optimization will cost about $ 2, But if you want to keep the clips, you have to buy them.
We buy and install.
We start “Watsap“And enter your status.
In the top right corner, click the button: “save up“(Save up).
The file is saved in the device memory.


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