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The app is loved by millions of users and is a great communication tool. It is characterized by its wide functionality and the presence of many options, so that you can contact the interlocutor within a few seconds. Is there a video call in WhatsApp is a question that interests the guests of our portal. Yes, this feature has recently become available to users of gadgets based on Android and some other mobile devices.

The constant implementation of the latest developments in this application enabled the interlocutor from different parts of the world to communicate with each other. In the beginning only text messages could be sent and then multimedia files.

Now it is possible not only to hear the voice, but also to see yourself down to the smallest detail. Making a video call through Vatsap only takes a few seconds. The main thing is that the conversation partner is online.

WhatsApp Video Calls: Where To Start

The popular messenger is not inferior to Skype and Viber in terms of functionality and video calling via WhatsApp completely free. This feature allows you to contact the subscriber without leaving the application. You don’t have to leave the conversation in the most interesting place to switch between messengers.

Only a few conditions have to be met:

To make a video call, WhatsApp must be downloaded.
Run the program and add the necessary contacts.
Check the gadget’s internet connection.
Start calls.

Notice! If we compare video calls in WhatsApp with a similar option in Viber or Skype, a problem arises: the feature can only be activated for calls made in the same application. You cannot contact the owner of a cell phone that is not bound by the program or a subscriber to a landline phone.

The function itself does not show any fundamental differences, but the user interface is still convenient and intuitive. Just added an extra key with the picture of a phone handset. Clicking on it activates the call immediately.

How to set up an option on Android

The function is available for owners of mobile devices that are based on Android and whose version is at least 4.1+. Unfortunately, those whose mobile devices were released a few years ago cannot communicate remotely “on an equal footing”.

How to set up a video call in WhatsApp on Android:

Go to chat, a list of contacts will open in front of you.
Select the person you want to talk to.
Click the icon with the picture of a video camera opposite its number.
Make a call.

Second way:

Open a chat with the person you need to contact urgently.
At the top of the display you will see a handset icon.
Click it.

If your gadget has two normal and one front cameras, you can switch between them at the same time. The decision is up to the user. He acts as it is convenient for him. This does not affect the quality or duration of the video call. You can switch immediately by clicking the icon with the circular arrows.

How to contact the iPhone owner

If your gadget is on the iOS platform and Messenger has already been downloaded and started, this innovative feature is very easy to use:

Open a chat with the person you want to call.
At the top of the screen, find the button with the video camera image.
Click it.

You can also activate the option by scrolling through the contact list. There are similar symbols opposite each number. Just click the icon you want. Remember that your subscriber must have the latest version of Messenger and an updated operating system.

Users of the program running on a PC cannot make calls in audio or video format. So far this function is only in development. If you know how to make a video call in WhatsApp but the messenger failed, download it again from our portal using the link


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