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Many instant messengers support video calling. WhatsApp’s direct competitor, for example, is Viber. WhatsApp Video is unfortunately not yet officially supported. Perhaps this will make many users turn their backs on this wonderful messenger. It is possible that, on the contrary, this feature may seem excessive to someone and allow a decision to be made in favor of Watsap. However, you can still make video calls through WhatsApp. While this does not happen in the official version of the application.

The developers promised us

The fact that video calls can be made on WhatsApp was mentioned back in 2015. The developers themselves have not commented on this news in any way. Rumor has it that this feature will not be available to all users initially, but will be gradually connected.

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Is Skype a competitor?

Surely the Watsapp video calling feature would add extra points. Perhaps over time he would become a competitor to a monster like Skype. In the meantime, it remains either to dream about it or to download a semi-official add-on that is installed by the user at their own risk and peril.

To make video calls on WhatsApp you will need:

Download a special add-on that will update Messenger to version 2.11.561.
Add phone number to contacts: +375297385559;
Ask this contact for permission to activate voice calls.
If all goes well, the video calling feature will become available to all existing participants in the contact list.

How to install and download WhatsApp on the PC

You can also switch cameras if there are several in the device, activate and deactivate the microphone. According to the developers’ assurances, calls are absolutely free, only the consumption of Internet traffic is paid for.


The developers of one of the most popular messengers today do not sit idly by, but instead increase the stability of their products and develop new functions, some of which are becoming an essential part of communication. One of the most common messengers is WhatsApp. See new opportunities Whatsapp more accurate.

Send a message from the notification center

The Action Center, introduced a few years ago, has become an integral part of all mobile operating systems. It enables quick access to the most important functions. WhatsApp recently expanded the functionality of the notification center.

Many users use this feature of the operating system to view the message. However, to answer you had to launch the application and open the chat window. WhatsApp allows you to reply to a message directly in the notification center, which speeds up the process considerably. To reply from the notification center itself:

Press the key “Reply”.
Enter your message. It is possible to add a smiley face.

So you can reply to a message in a few seconds.

The function only works with the latest messenger and operating system update. How convenient it is – time will tell.

Additional contact action menu

Another important change is that clicking on the profile picture will bring up a menu with additional functions. Previously, this menu could only be opened by long pressing the contact itself.

The new feature allows you to quickly edit your book as you can select multiple contacts or group chats from the drop down menu, apply a common action, caption, etc. to all of them.

This feature isn’t much of a novelty, but it does make the lives of those who use inexpensive devices with a touchscreen that don’t respond well to prolonged touches in falling temperatures or other conditions. Finally, the menu now opens simply by clicking on a specific area.

In conclusion, we note that the latest features are included in the version of Messenger that is being beta tested. For similar versions see official website Developer. During installation, please note that there is a possibility of unstable Messenger operation and errors as the application is in the test phase.


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