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Despite the fact that on the matter, apparently, all the dots, as they say, have long been placed above the “i”, some are still interested in: Whatsapp paid or is it completely free? ..

Your WhatsApp will be paid for next Saturday …

The messages that Messenger users received from time to time added fuel to the fire. You read something like the following. “Watsap will be paid on Saturday 2017. To get it back for free, send this message to 10 of your friends and pay 1 cent. As soon as you do, you will receive a notification and be added to the list of free WhatsApp subscribers. “

The text could change, but the essence remains the same. And some users really believed that WhatsApp would get paid on Saturday 2017. And they paid a cent and sent their friends 10 “lucky letters”.

Of course, WhatsApp was not paid for the following Saturday or anywhere else. And in this case, of course, we are talking about fraud. And that’s not a simple harmless joke as some think. It is not known for sure how many people believed Vatsap would get paid and sent money to strangers. So it’s entirely possible that it was an impressive amount.

Is WhatsApp that free?

Of course, developers are people too, they have to exist for something. And the WhatsApp Messenger has received worldwide recognition. One way or another, you can make money from it. And the question – whether Vatsap is paid or free – makes sense. Please note the following:

Downloading and installing WhatsApp Messenger is completely free.
Text messages and even calls, provided they are made in Watsapp, are also free.
You have to pay for some sticker sets and other nice additions. At the same time, the user is informed that this or that amount will be debited from his account.

And no one will ask for payment just for the right to continue communication.

Does WhatsApp ever get paid?

Surely many of the service’s “old timers” remember the times when an annual subscription fee had to be charged for the right to use WhatsApp. The crowd was small, but it was still there. And that means the news that Vatsap is getting paid again isn’t that meaningless?

In fact, it is unlikely to happen anytime soon. The fact is that the communications software market today is saturated with a multitude of applications. There are more and more new programs, developers … And this is where the toughest competition prevails. Everyone tries to attract new and new users with unparalleled features, ease of use … and of course, free. And under such circumstances, announcing that WhatsApp is getting paid might be synonymous with suicide.

Therefore, the WhatsApp messenger is unlikely to get paid again on Saturday or any other day of the week. Of course it has an internal purchasing system. But without it you can communicate very comfortably.


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