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Usually, the resources from which you can download Valentines for Watsap are divided into the following groups:

Specialized websites where you can download free Valentine’s Day cards for WhatsApp.

Resources with paid content of all kinds of greetings.
Social networks where users can post both free and purchased Valentines.

The first way

It must be said that the first source is the most accessible to the mass user of the purple messenger. The accessibility is primarily due to the fact that any user can visit a website and download the desired image without a watermark without registering and then send it to a contact in Messenger.

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Note! A watermark is a way of protecting unique postcard images. It will be overlaid on the image after the creation is complete and automatically removed when the buyer pays for it.

However, downloaded greetings from such resources do not have originality. This means that the image that the user is trying to download on this website has most likely already been downloaded by someone or even more than once.

Second way

Considering websites with paid greeting cards, it should be said that the advantage of such a choice is indeed the originality of the downloaded content, which is insufficient for the resources to download images that were previously disassembled. However, you will have to pay for the original greeting.

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There are sites with cheaper prices for images, such as various content exchanges or photo stocks, and there are sites that showcase postcards by only one author (i.e. personal sites with works). Usually the second price will be much higher.

Note! Usually, payment for these festive pictures and images resources is made by the user by bank transfer from a card opened on his behalf

Third way

Well, the third group of pictures is usually represented by different photo albums on a variety of available social networks.


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