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Follow our easy instruction and install the official version of WhatsApp on your USING WHATSAPP MESSENGER IN THE EMULATOR


With the help of the WhatsApp PC emulator, you can start this messenger directly on your PC as if it were working on a mobile device.

What is an emulator?

This is a special program that can pretend to be the device or operating system for which it is programmed. There are programs for different platforms. Unsurprisingly, there is an Android emulator too. Bluestacks is the most popular, although it’s not the only one of its kind.

How do I run WhatsApp on the emulator?

First you need to download the program yourself. Installation on a computer is no more difficult than any other PC application. Next, you need to download WhatsApp’s apk version for mobile systems. The next stage starts the emulator and selects the APK file from the Open menu in the dialog box. The messenger is automatically installed in the working environment. WhatsApp is started directly from the emulator. After the successful installation, the corresponding icon will be displayed on the desktop. It also needs to be pressed. You can then either create a new account with registration or log in from an existing account.

How Whatsapp Web works and how to use the web version

What does WhatsApp give on the emulator?

The WhatsApp emulator offers the same functions as in the mobile version of the Messenger for phones or tablets:

Exchange text messages;
Create file attachments;
Share pictures, audio and video.

With the emulator you can, among other things, start WhatsApp directly on your computer. A special feature of the online browser version is that no pre-installed mobile version is required to run WhatsApp.


You can run WhatsApp on your computer through BlueStacks, an Android emulation program. Like most mobile applications, Watsap works well with an emulator. This option is suitable for both users without a smartphone and for trailers Windows 7, for which the messenger does not have a computer version. There are two limitations to WhatsApp’s work through BlueStacks: first, you must have a working cell phone number that will provide you with a verification code, and second, the computer must be modern and support the BluSax hardware requirements.

How to run the BluSax emulator on a PC

Minimum computer requirements for installation: 2 GB of RAM, a processor with virtualization support and 4 GB of storage space.
Make sure that virtualization is activated in the BIOS of your PC. Detailed instructions on how to enable this feature can be found on the Internet. If you don’t enable it, the emulation program will either not start at all or it will run very slowly.

Download BlueStacks from the official website, run the resulting file and install it according to the instructions. You must have administrator rights. Sometimes there is a conflict between the installer and the antivirus, so the latter needs to be disabled for a while. Only do this if you downloaded the installer from the official website.

Once installed, you will be asked to sign in to your Google account. Do it with email and password. If it doesn’t already exist, start it from the browser on the PC. At this point the system only supports English, we can add Russian later.

After logging in to Google, we translate the system into Russian. Many of the BlueStacks service messages are already in Russian, but Android itself is not yet Russified. Go to the tab “My applications“-“System applications“- “The settings” – – “Personally” – “Languages ​​input“- Languages. Here you have to read the article “add language“(“add languageRussian is almost at the bottom after languages ​​with the Latin alphabet. After adding a language, you need to make it the main language.Language preferences“You should see two languages ​​already – English and Russian. Press “Russian” Hold down the mouse button until it is highlighted, then drag it to the first position. This completes the Russification of the user interface, although some options may still be displayed in English. Go to your home screen.

How to install WhatsApp

On the “My applications“Go to”Google play“, Then in”My applications games“.
How to download WhatsApp in BlueStacks on your computer: Click on the icon “Magnifying glass”, We find and install it according to the system’s instructions.

When opening the application we receive a request to accept the privacy policy and agree to the terms. Press the big button “Accept and continue“.
We agree to requests to grant the application access to the camera and other devices.
On the “Number confirmation»Enter your country code and mobile phone number. He receives an SMS with a 6-digit number.
Enter the number after which you can use the application.
We receive an invitation to enter a user name and, if desired, upload a profile photo. You can change this information later. The messenger is ready to use.

We found out how through BlueStacks WhatsApp for computer free download and install it for future use. Today it is one of the most popular instant messengers in the world, mainly due to its ease of use, its high level of security and its good quality of communication on voice calls.


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