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The WhatsApp service is one of the most popular instant messengers on the internet. The developers regularly add more and more useful and fun features. If you have an outdated version of the application on your smartphone, you are behind the times and lose many opportunities. To keep up with the most advanced users, your applications need to be updated in a timely manner.

How to update WhatsApp to the latest version

Depending on the phone model, the version of the operating system from which you installed the application, whether you have a new or an old mobile phone – the options for software updates can be completely different.

How do I connect Watsap to different devices?
If you have installed WhatsApp from Google Play and have a relatively new version of the Android operating system, the system itself will notify you of the arrival of new program versions in the application store. You can even set all programs to update automatically in the Google Play settings and never have to think about updating WhatsApp again. You already have the latest version of Android worried.
If you downloaded and installed WhatsApp from an unofficial source, you will have to independently control the appearance of new versions and download WhatsApp updates manually. The old version can be preinstalled for a quality update.
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Download the latest updated versions of WhatsApp

WhatsApp for phone – updated version
WhatsApp for Andorid Phones – new version
WhatsApp for PC – Web version of Messenger NEW !!!

You have to manually update WhatsApp Messenger on stationary computers and laptops. In short, a manual update in all cases where the WhatsApp application is received “in an unnatural way”. When downloading WhatsApp Messenger from third party developers, there may be an issue with the incompatibility of the application version with your smartphone’s firmware. In this case, it is helpful to have the installation file of the old version of WhatsApp in stock so that you can get the service working again.


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