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What are tweaks? When will the legislature forbid contaminating our beautiful language with foreign languages? Optimizations, in our opinion, are tricks and tricks, skills and abilities in using computer programs that distinguish advanced users from those who are familiar with computers.

While Watcap Messenger is extremely automated and easy to use, there are some unknown features that can greatly increase the efficiency and convenience of using the world’s most free messenger – WhatsApp.

Tweaks for WhatsApp – tear off the veil, tell the whole truth, separate flies from schnitzel

If we write in Russian, we will optimize the work with Watsapp:

Status in Watsap about life – examples of status

You can set up a private chat mode. Go to Settings and specify who can see what on your status.
Get rid of unwanted contacts. Defeated the collectors and bailiffs? No problem – block your phone numbers. In addition, disabled number owners may not understand that you blocked them. You only see unread messages and missed calls.
Save internet traffic? You can turn off the automatic download of pictures and media files. Which are heavy and can use up your monthly limit upfront. Establish a ban on downloading videos over WiFi, roaming (where it is very expensive), or through a mole.
Turn off annoying sound notifications. Don’t want to be distracted when they walk in? Review inquiries whenever it suits you. This can be done in the notification settings.
Are you hiding from creditors and decided to change your phone number? No problem – go to Settings in WhatsApp, find the account and change your phone number. Now you get rid of the awkward obligation of answering calls from collectors.
Do you want to keep everything under control? Right idea. By backing up and archiving chats, you can still read after many years what the negotiations in 2015 were about.


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