Disney World Bus Service

Disney Bus Service

Bus service is available in almost every area of the Disney World theme park and is complimentary to all their guests and visitors.
Located throughout the Disney complex, bus locations are convenient and plentiful. The motor coaches themselves are air-conditioned, well maintained and a great place to strike up conversations with other Disney guests. Disney World has the largest private bus service in the world at over 300 buses and counting.

The average wait time for a bus at any of the “bus stops” is between 15 and 25 minutes. There are times that the buses are delayed or are running late, but that is rare and far between. The service starts about an hour before the parks open until approximately one hour after the parks close, or until all the guests have left. There are additional buses that operate until 2:00 for the Downtown Disney area.

WDW Tip: Ask the front desk at your resort for the transportation brochure as well as tips with regards to the destination you want to go to. The staff are glad to make suggestions and they love to help!

It’s easy enough to use the buses, as the locations and routes are displayed on a moving marque on the front of the motor coach.
If your not sure, ask any of the bus drivers when they stop for further information and they’ll be happy to direct you to the correct motor coach.

As of  07/2013 a  third loop is currently under construction at the Magic Kingdom that will use a 62 foott long, articulating 3 axle bus, which is capable of carrying up to 112 passengers. This bus was tested last year at the Disney World complex with much success.

The buses currently have bus locations at the Magic Kingdom; Animal Kingdom; Hollywood Studios; Epcot; Typhoon Lagoon; Blizzard Beach; Recreation Areas, and the Resorts.

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