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Transferring WhatsApp from Android to Android is a pretty simple process that absolutely anyone can do. The main thing is not to forget to follow some very important steps in order to successfully transfer chats.

Prepare for data migration

One of the main steps in moving your history to another phone is to back up your chats on your old device. To do this, you just have to go to the application settings and select the item “Chat rooms“And select the menu for making a copy. All information from the account is stored either in the cloud or on an external drive. For iOS, the copy will appear in iCloud. You also need to transfer all the contacts who have an account in WhatsApp from the old to the new gadget. This completes the preparation.

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Data transfer

When all the prerequisites are done, go to WhatApp on a new phone and enter the details of your account there. If the system determines that it already exists, the user is offered the option to restore information from a previously created backup. Also, the application will scan the contact list on the phone and automatically add chats with people who have a WhatsApp account.

This process is almost identical on the iPhone. The only difference is that instead of using Google Drive or an external drive, iCloud cloud storage is used to get a copy. The data transfer process is now complete

Possible problems

Unfortunately, the question of how to transfer chats from one device to another is not always resolved. Therefore, transferring WhatsApp from iPhone to Android is simply not possible. This is due to the fact that these operating systems use different data storage formats and the program simply cannot read what is stored on the iPhone in the phone on the Android.

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So far, no one has found the answer, but how to transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone completely. You can only save the contacts who use Messenger.


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