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Follow our easy instruction and install the official version of WhatsApp on your TO INSTALL WHATSAPP ON A COMPUTER WITHOUT A PHONE


Whatsapp Is a free messenger that increases the number of users every day. Despite the fact that it is designed to communicate over mobile platforms, some users prefer to use it on a PC. But first, you need to know how to install WhatsApp on a computer without a phone.

Install WhatsApp on the PC

Thanks to WhatsApp Web, you can use the messenger you want not only on your mobile phone, but also on your PC. However, the smartphone must also be online when the user is sitting with a PC. You can do without a phone, but first you should consider the option and install WhatsApp on your computer:

When you open WhatsApp Web, a large QR image is drawn in the center of the display. If you do not want to go through the authorization process all the time, you have to select the option “Stay online“;

Next, you should start the Messenger on your phone and select the option in the menu (the ellipsis button above)WhatsApp Web“;

Then you have to set the parameter “Scan the QR code“;

Now you need to bring the phone with the camera to the PC display and scan it. The next step is automatic authorization.
Now you no longer have to pass the authorization on all the time, but your PC and mobile phone must always be online at the same time

Using WhatsApp without a smartphone via Bluestax

If you have to go without a smartphone at all, this is real. But you still need a number for this, even if it belongs to a landline network.

You need to download and install the Blustax application on your PC.

After starting on the left in the work window, you need to select “Search” and enter the word “WhatsApp”. Then select the desired result from the list.

Now you need to do the authorization through your Google account. If it is not there, registration will take no more than a minute.
Next, you need to download Watsap and wait for the emulator to install Whatsapp on your computer. Now you can start the messenger.
To register, you need a phone number on which Vatsap has not yet been installed. You will then receive an SMS with confirmation.
If the message cannot be read, you can order a call. The computer voice determines the password.

Done. Now you can use the messenger for daily communication on your PC without touching your smartphone. You can also change your profile information, add contacts, subscribe to accounts of interest, make calls (using headphones and a microphone) and create group dialogues with attachments

After that, you can send unlimited messages for free for the first year – only for 33 rubles a year The entire list of functions required for communication will be available.


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