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Few people may know, but you can write in bold Whatsapp, For example, highlight or strike out a word in italics. And how to format your message in WhatsApp chat, see below.

How to change the font in WhatsApp

However, it is worthwhile to start with how to change the font size in all WhatsApp chats. This is done as follows:

WhatsApp itself loads first.
then you have to call the settings Programs – by clicking on three vertical points in the upper right corner;
Select item here the settings – – Chat rooms;;
and on the new screen the element “font size“. Accordingly, we set the desired one from the proposed – small, medium or large. It is not possible to set the size in points here.

And now about how to format your text, highlight something in it, etc. In many cases it can be very useful, but at first glance there is nothing like that in the Messenger itself.

This is done according to the following principle. So that this or that word or a whole text is highlighted in bold, you have to insert this fragment into the star symbols on both sides – “* *“. For example like this: I. *Tomorrow* I will go to the cinema with you. Accordingly, the recipient does not see asterisks, but the word “tomorrowHas been highlighted in bold.

Words are formatted in a similar way:

Italic in WhatsApp is called up by underlining a text. For example: I’ll be busy tomorrow;
Well, in order to delete a word or phrase, it must be placed between two “tildes”. This is a sign: ~. For example: departure ~tomorrow~ today.

And the ability to reformat the text in your messages only speaks for such a wonderful communication program as WhatsApp. In fact, not every mobile messenger can boast of something like this.


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