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Probably someone had to see a message on the screen like: “This version of WhatsApp is out of dateOf course, the solution comes of course: you need to update the application.

How can I update WhatsApp?

Fortunately, there are several different ways to update WhatsApp:

in automatic mode. When a The Watsap application is out of date and is prompting you to download an update, You can then do this at any time in fully automatic mode if you activate the “Update application automatically” check box in the Google Play settings. At the same time, the messenger searches for update files every time the network is accessed and downloads the latest version. This parameter is set by default. However, to save traffic, the user can disable and forget about it.

Reinstall the application. If the application does not install correctly or does not want to be installed at all and the message still does not disappear from the screen, do not rush to the web immediately and fill the search engine with the following information: This version of WhatsApp is out of date. A complete reinstallation will almost certainly help. To do this, you must first completely remove the messenger from the device. And make sure you clear the cache. Before deleting WhatsApp, remember to backup all of your chats and contacts. Then install the new WhatsApp “clean”.

To completely erase the media Whatsapp, You can also use special utilities to clean the system. For example the mobile version of Ccleaner. In short, when the user sees a warning that This version of WhatsApp is out of date, Of course, the smartest way out is to download a new one – and continue enjoying communicating with friends and family.


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