The date on your phone is not correct in the WATSAPP app. We’ll fix the bug

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Follow our easy instruction and install the official version of WhatsApp on your The date on your phone is not correct in the WATSAPP app. We’ll fix the bug

The date on your phone is not correct in the WATSAPP app – remove the error

Occasionally with Messenger Wattsap There is such a problem that in your correspondence with friends, there is no connection with the date and time of sending messages. It turns out you got an answer sooner than you asked a question.

Why Watsapp writes: wrong date

If your smartphone isn’t broken, the most obvious reason the time and date mismatch may be the wrong time zone setting. Or maybe you’ve just returned from a trip around the world and forgot to transfer the time. What to do? To set the usual date and time in WhatsApp, you need to go to Settings, find the Date and Time section (there may be differences for different phone models) and make the settings as expected or as desired.

How does the newsletter work in the WhatsApp application?

You can entrust the clarification and setting of the time and date yourself Smartphone. To do this, select the check boxes next to Network Time or Automatic. In this case, the smartphone’s operating system contacts the Internet provider and sets the exact local time.

There are still times when there was a transition between summer and winter time in your area and then the whole thing was canceled. And over

All of these settings may remain in the phone’s operating system. Then go to manual return and date setting.

Go to manual date and time setting and set your time zone. If you are not sure which city you need, you can try turning on the major city closest to your living space and then checking the wall clock or the time on another mobile phone.
If it is wrong again – adjust the time zone in a decreasing or increasing direction, depending on how the local time on the smartphone differs from time to time.

How Whatsapp Web works and how to use the web version

As you can see, everything is done just like on a normal stationary computer, laptop or tablet.


Communication in Vatsap Mobile Messenger includes chronological tracking of messages. The sender sees the time the message was sent, as well as the status of delivery and reading. The delivery time is displayed to the recipient. However, for a number of reasons, you may encounter an error indicating that the date on your phone is incorrect. Whatsapp.

What are the reasons for this message and how can the confusion be corrected? Convenient instructions and clear reviews especially for users.

The reasons

Of course, the time does not affect the work of the messenger, but there can be confusion in the feeds. Since messages are queued by the date and time they were sent, incorrect timing creates complete confusion. Messages read and replies to them appear sent earlier. This is inconvenient, especially when the chat is used for business purposes. In order to correct such a mistake and prevent its occurrence in the future, it is important to understand the reasons.

What can cause the crash:

Changing a gadget from another operating system (Android to iOS);
Reinstallation of the operating system (repair, recovery);
Travel to different time zones;
Seasonal time change.


How to repair There are various ways to remove temporary chaos from correspondence: via a smartphone, via a messenger. Step-by-step algorithms – below.

Time setting in Watsap

The most common reason why WhatsApp has the wrong date on the phone is because of incorrect time parameters in the software. You can remove them by syncing them with the device.

Open Messenger.
Go to the parameters.
Select the section for calendar and time settings.
Important! If the messenger usually gives a notification about the wrong date, there is a “Configure” button at the bottom. You can also access the parameters by clicking on it.
Check the box next to Time synchronization with a smartphone.
Quit and go to Vatsap.

Set the time on your phone

Incorrect date and time are often associated with the lack of correct parameters in the device itself.

How to fix the crash – the WhatsApp date on your phone is incorrect:

Go to the smartphone settings.
Go to the section “time and date“.
Search parameters “Automatic time zone recognition“,”Automatic recognition of calendar stamp and time“.
Activate these options.
If necessary, restart the device.
Check what the messenger writes when it starts.

Since smartphones have different operating systems, the options for placing the specified parameters are given below.

Device operating system
Placement path
the settings
The main
time and date
time and date
the settings
Languages ​​and times
time and date

Now, when an error occurs – the WhatsApp time is set incorrectly – the user knows what action to take to not only eliminate it but also prevent it from appearing. Have fun communicating!

The date on your phone is not correct in the WATSAPP app. We’ll fix the bug

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